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I had a save a few days ago, my second one. I did CPR in the ambulance on an 87 year old man and by the time we got him to the hospital, his heart was beating again. There is no knowledge in the world that can rival the realization that a dead person's heart started up under your hands.

He was still alive in the ER some hours later. What happened to him after that I do not know, as I do not ask any more. Saves are vanishingly rare--I met one paramedic who has not had one in five years. But the tiny number of calls where our skills make a difference is enough to make EMS the greatest job I've ever done.

Jonathan jw@bway.net

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Some appalling bigotry

You have proved yourself a stereo-typical Jew. Did the Holocaust happen? Of course. Is it enormoudly exaggerated just like everything else Jewry? Of course. There is a reason most everyone on the planet hates you. Let me fill you in; Jews are a very small population of supposed 'minority' who hold a very unbalanced amount of power. You all support the illegal and murderous state that is Israel and you all whine and cry about how unfair everything is too you. Yet, when it is to your advantage to pass yourself of as ethnically white you do so without complaint. When it is time for special treatment you all cry "I'm a Jew"! and take extra holidays.

Look pal, you can't claim everyone else is wrong about the Holocaust and you are right. You can only claim what you think. Have you seen the newly uncovered paperwork found in Belgium where Hitler orders a halt to 'the final solution' in 1942? Have you seen the dozens of other orders along the same lines? Have you seen the Polish government admit in front of the U.N. that the current Auschwitz crematory was built in 1948? NO! You are a Jew and refuse to consider any other possibilities than what benefits you. Did the Germans kill Jews at a rate that could be called Genocide? Maybe. One thing is for sure though; as many gays, christians, poles, khazars, and russians were killed. Not too mention the brave soldiers of the Allied forces. Where are the Jew monuments to them? They don't exsist because Jews only care about themselves. What no Jew monuments to the Brits for creating Israel?

In all honesty the greedy, selfish, murderous and OBNOXIOUS ways of the Jews rub everyone the wrong way! The only way to change anti-semitism is too change Jewry. That would be akin to solving the crime and poverty problems of African-Americans, or having a war against jealousy; you cannot achieve this. For examples of obnoxious Jewry read the LA times articles of last week(both written by inflamatory Jews). My favorite one was "Why WASPy White Women Love Jew men". NO dude, I'm serious. It really exists, just like the Hitler and Polish paperwork. Look it up for yourself; that is the only way you'll believe it anyway. As long as your people keep acting the way they do anti-semitism will always grow. Don't believe me? Look at the rise of anti-semitism in western europe right now, especially Germany. This whole Auschwitz exaggeration just lends to the anti-semitism: you are creating hate the same way other (american) Jews do. Please, educate yourself outside ! of Holocaust books written by other Jews. Ever read one by an Irish, Norwegian, or Swiss(neutral countries in WWII)? Very different picture my friend.

In closing; please stop adding to the hate. You can(and no doubt jewishly will) wholly dismiss my opinion as anti-semitism and you will no doubt call me a Holocaust denier even though I said it happened. These are your Jew-trained defense mechanisms. Ever notice if a non-jew even sais the word Jew without praising them the ADL labels them right of the bat? Wouldn't want anyone spreading the truth now would we?

Relax Bro, I don't hate anyone and am as annoyed with Catholics, Born-Agains, Republicans, and the Ice capades as I am Jews. Just annoyed, nothing more. Please try to open your mind and point of view before you go recklessly spewing a lopsided opinion and crying for special teatment.

P.S. Thanks for mentioning all the brave allied men and woman who saved your asses on your site. What's that you didn't? Just like a Jew-only thinking for yourself and your kind. Try being an American instead of a Jew!

P.S.S I am willing to bet not one of your Jew relatives fought for the Allies, instead they stayed in America and made money off the war.

Shamus Ciardha shamusciardha@yahoo.com

An Auschwitz Alphabet

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Perhaps you can help. I am jewish. I married a christian, whose family helped my family escape as many non jewish people did during this war. My son has a question that no one seems to be able to answer. He asks of me, "Mother, in all the universites we see exhibits concerning the Holocaust. When i was in school we were taught that 11 million people died in the Holocaust, why do we onlyhonor the six million."?

He understands fully that the Jewish people were the main focus of this genecide. He also understands that the 5 million not mentioned were most likely from what he was taught, homosexuals, blacks, mentally unstabel etc. Yet it infuriates him that such a horror in history would occur and only six million are to be honored. He nor I understand it as I thought it is a good question. One frightening thing about his thinking is that he makes a startling closing point to me. He believes that this kind of behavior may bring about intense and even violent and more anti semiticism against our people, perhaps you can help?

Shalom, Lin

Jonathan -

A friend forwarded your essay, What I Learned from Auschwitz. It's a great essay. I had been unaware of your existence previously. I was particularly struck by the ideas that: 1. whatever happened to your ancestors, only what happened to you, personally, happened to you; and 2. each morning we have the potential to do as Mozart or Mengele. Great ideas, thank you.

Eric Chaet

Dear Mr. Wallace:

None of my ancestors were Jewish. In fact, my maternal grandmother was German, immigrating to the US when she was twelve, her family fleeing World War I.Even though my ancestors fled Germany before the Nazi's rise to power, it sometimes makes me ashamed to even acknowledge that heritage. Your web pages bring tears to my eyes.

Marshall Warner

Thank You very much

Yours sincerely,Sybe Dijkstra

Dear Jonathan,

I wanted to thank you for creating such a lasting and telling document. I have spent the better part of the day perusing this information and am discovering things I never heard of before.

My father was with the Canadian Army during the Second World War and had relayed many stories of the conditions during his time in Europe.

I have long had a great interest in the Holocaust. I find great solace in reading about those that are remaining...the survivors. It fills me with great sadness when I read about how one race can be perceived by another. So much could have been done to change how history evolved, but few believed.

I am very grateful to have found your site and hope the message it projects never disappears. My thought and prayers go out to those who still struggle to find some freedom from the 'demons' of the past.thank you!!!


Dear Friend,

I am living now in India, but I came here from Poland. I do not know if I am a Pole, Jew or Ukrainian - my mothher died when I was a child, but I know that she was born in small city in the western part of Ukraine.

I think that we are looking now at Holocaust from european experience, and our trauma is not shared by majority of people in this world, who still has a number of their genocides. We must work hard to explain how it was possible, that stupid idea carried out by stupid people affected humanity so heavily. I think that we do not cary properly the naked fact, that nazizm has been accepted so quick and with applause by majority of Germans, even educated ones. How it was possible, and how to avoid similar situation in a future?

Brgds, Daniel S. Zbytek

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Hi,I came across your web pages on Auschwitz. Those are very touching! My grandfather lost his parents and siblings in the Holocaust.

One thing I might add, concerning the existence of God: God can and does take care of His children here on Earth. However, the most priceless gift he has bestowed upon each of us is our freedom to choose. If we did not have the physical opportunity to exercise that freedom, we wouldn't really be free, would we? Those Nazis who exercised their freedom to torture and kill, just as murderers today exercise their freedom to kill, were able to only because to deny them that opportunity would not really be to give them freedom.

Of course, the everlasting consequence of their actions is a fiery, ever-burning conscience of their terrible misdeeds; we human beings can be forgiven of our sins (most-except murder), but we cannot change their consequences. That's why it's so important for us to choose the right! In summary, yes, I know there is a God who watches over us. However, it is not contrary to the will of God to allow us to make even disastrously bad choices.For more info, se ehttp://www.mormon.org/learn/0,8672,1138-1,00.html Thanks for the info on your page!

Chris Rains

Dear Mr. Wallace,

I have finished reading the Auschwitz Alphabet. The subject of the Holocaust is one that has inpacted my life since I was a little girl. My father was Jewish and my mother a gentile. As a child of 8, I watched the documentary "The World at War" and realised that if I were alive at the time (I was born in 1954, like you) I too, would have gone to the camps. I was traumatised over the fact that there were those in the world hated me because I was (half) Jewish. My Jewish family came from Germany, Russia and Budapest,as you know, the tracks from Budapest ran right to Auschwitz. Over my life I have read many books on the subject of the Holocaust and I object to the belief that Eli Weisel and others express that 1. God does not exist. and 2. He did not care about the sufferings of His people,or any other suffering.This makes Judiasm a religion devoid of any power, the power the prophets walked in that expressed the hope of a covenant honoring G-d. I am not a theologian and its a shame that those who we trust to be so learned cannot comfort us with better explainations then those we have recieved. As a adult, I believe that G-d is indeed all powerful,loving and involved in human affairs and He had allowed suffering of such magnitude,in part that men would not "curse him and die", but desire to "come under His wings." " His ways are above ours", as the prophets and psalmists say. We shall not hold Him into account, but He us, a reading of "Job" tells us that. We must not allow the evil men do; the express intentions of "the evil one" himself, to "kill, steal and destroy";deter us from ther fear of G-d, for He is "near to all those who would call upon His name". That such an evil should exist is proof that a greater good exists and that good is G-d. May the L-rd reveal Himself to you in all His goodness,

Christine Weiss Tranchell


What follows, I noted it in 1980 when I wrote my first book about the "Right of retention" (Luc Lamine, Het retentierecht, Antwerp, Kluwer, 1981 and 1992). When I was working on my last book about "Vexatious litigation" (Luc Lamine et al., Het tergend en roekeloos geding, Antwerp, Intersentia, 2003, his work was the basis (start) of my study. Then I walked in Leuven, my home town and for the first time I noted that his name was honored with an inscription on the Leuven (Belgium) Courthouse (Smoldersplein.) In the Brussels Court House, the "Palais de Justice", there is a sculpture of him. That for a man who wrote in his Encyclopedia of Law: "The arian race is superior to all other races". Past week I took a look on the internet.

The Wikipédia Encyclopedy writes about im: "He was a very influent theorician of antisemitism". The very famous Belgian publisher LARCIER published in 1998 a book about him "Edmond Picard, Jurisconsulte de Race" by Foulek Ringelheim , who wrote: "Edmond Picard (1836-1924) was the most furious antisemist of his aire. He was the Belgian Drumont. He diffused, for more than 40 years, with a sick rage, the racist theories who were the base of nazism. Elected as a socialist senator, he advocated an absolute nationalism that feeded the european fascism of the 20 th century. He was a socialist nationalist before others inversed those words." In French : "Edmond Picard a été le plus furieux antisémite de son époque. Il fut le Drumont belge. Il a propagé pendant 40 ans, avec une ferveur maladive, les théories racistes qui constitueront le fondement du nazisme. Élu sénateur socialiste, il a exalté un nationalisme absolu, celui-là même qui nourrira les fascismes européens du XXe siècle. Il s’est affirmé socialiste national avant que d’autres n’inversent l’ordre des termes." http://editions.larcier.com/livre/index.cfm/GCOI/2804410033279

Edmond Picard[edmON´ pEkAr´] Pronunciation Key, 1836–1924, Belgian jurist and author. A brilliant lawyer, he was at various times president of the Belgian bar association and a member of the supreme court. He wrote two works that explore the similarities between law and art: Paradox sur l'avocat (1881) and Le JurE (1887). Many of his novels are autobiographical, recounting his adventures as a sailor and explorer; notable among them is L'Amiral (1884). Picard also wrote seven plays. http://reference.allrefer.com/encyclopedia/P/Picard-E.html

Jurisconsulte belge renommé, Edmond Picard (1836-1924) fut le fondateur du Journal des Tribunaux et des Pandectes. Avocat à la Cour d’appel de Bruxelles et à la Cour de cassation il fut bâtonnier, professeur de droit, écrivain, dramaturge, sénateur, journaliste et mécène. Il fut aussi, hélas, un influent théoricien de l'antisémitisme.http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmond_Picard

Edmond Picard a été l’une des personnalités belges les plus considérables de la seconde moitié du XIXe et du début du XXe siècle. Né en 1836, mort en 1924, il a bruyamment occupé le devant de la scène dans tous les domaines de l’activité sociale, intellectuelle et politique. Avocat à la Cour d’appel de Bruxelles et à la Cour de cassation, bâtonnier, professeur de droit, écrivain, dramaturge, sénateur, journaliste, il a reçu tous les honneurs. Les milieux judiciaires ont continué à célébrer, mais avec une étrange discrétion, la mémoire du "grand jurisconsulte". Cette figure illustre est entourée d’une zone d’ombre qui dissimule l’essentiel. Edmond Picard a été le plus furieux antisémite de son époque. Il fut le Drumont belge. Il a propagé pendant 40 ans, avec une ferveur maladive, les théories racistes qui constitueront le fondement du nazisme. Élu sénateur socialiste, il a exalté un nationalisme absolu, celui-là même qui nourrira les fascismes européens du XXe siècle. Il s’est affirmé socialiste national avant que d’autres n’inversent l’ordre des termes.

C’est cette imposture que l’auteur de cet essai voudrait démasquer. Non pas pour le vain plaisir de briser une ancienne idole, mais parce que la structure intellectuelle et morale de ce personnage "exemplaire" peut aider à comprendre comment est né l’antisémitisme moderne. http://editions.larcier.com/livre/index.cfm/GCOI/28044100332790

I wrote to several authorities, to blame the Belgian Justice. So I am no longer to blame.

Respectfully,Prof. Dr. Luc Lamine

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Hi,Chanced across your website today. I am 34 yrs old, gentile & have no particular connection to the matters discussed on it. However, the stories & empathy of the site moved me to tears. Thanks for your work & god Bless you.

Russell Boland.

Dear Mr. Wallace:

I am a 39 year old American man. My father served in the United States Army in WWII and was in the battle of the buldge and faught his way across Europe witnessing the death of Jews. I could not help but notice the U in your alphabets message about what the concerns of the USA are. When i think of the children murdered at those camps. I choke inside for my own children. I know my father did the same. I am not a church going man of God, But i can tell you this. I weep for everyone of the people killed for no reason. We lost alot of men in that war and we saw an evil man fall. I will never forget the Jews that suffered. I honor them in my heart with this letter. To me they are just like me. A person. thats it. Lets just remember to be glad the US did respond to the situation of that time. I know I am. I am also a proud American. It does not mean i agree with my country all the time. I take offense at your U in the alphabet. But i would have gone myself to help.

Everything else
Dear Mr. Wallace:

Re Morality Without God:

One time before I have used Google to see if somewhere online there was some wisdom regarding an issue that concerns me. Today I entered the keywords Morality, psychological causes, and amongst the hits I picked the Spectacle first and I am happy to say it was exactly what I was looking for.

The idea of memes, the word at least is new to me, but the concept I am very close to. I am a sort of super altruist from the middle class, refusing to give up my ideals even as holding them up holds me down. So the idea of beautiful memes was a beautiful concept for me,lol. I am very interested in philosophy, psychology, metaphysics. Existentialism, on the surface is attractive to me, I call it the Pessiminsts Optimism. I know of analogic thinking, the small being represented on the large scale, maybe this is quantum physics, I cant say. But morality is very much a concern to me, I guess Im a big holder of that meme. I do like to help other people with "spores" of inspiration or information, so memes explains why we preach to our choirs.

Thanks for the great site!

Quinn Hansen

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Re Humans and Their Pornography:

Hi again,I came across your site after searching to criticism of Wendy McElroy's book.Firstly, let me say that I found your definition of porn slightly better than Wendy's.

I also enjoyed reading the paper/article because it made me think, and I found your style easy to read as well. Moreover, you used more linking words between paragraphs than Wendy is wont to do :-)

I liked the way that you personalized it as well by relating your personal experiences and feelings. I must say that I found _Interview with a Vampire_ so disturbing that I could not watch it. However, my wife and daughters did watch it, and my daughters read the book as well. I also found many aspects of _The Butterfly Effect_ disturbing as well.

However, I also have some criticism of your article. Firstly, I find your suggestion that MacKinnon is a modern day Galileo to be somewhat strange because MacKinnon is simply peddling another set of myths: That there is some sort of international, multi-generational conspiracy among males to subjugate women. Galileo deserves much more respect than that.

Secondly, I personally have never seen Deep Throat, I am not at all sure that cartoon violence or pornography make people go out and set fire to cats or treat women as sex slaves that they can degrade any way they like. There is no simple cause and effect relationship here, it seems to me, and MacKinnon is doing women a disservice by claiming that it is so. Thirdly, I felt that perhaps you could have mentioned that males and females are going to react differently to erotica and want different types of erotica. Here, I am choosing to use a word that has less of a sense of the pejorative than pornography has. For example, females are going to be more interested in erotica that shows loving relationships, while males are going to be more interested in material that shows breasts and genitals, however, I can easily imagine a non-violent erotic movie being made that satisfies both male and female tastes (because many males, while they wont admit it, also get quite funny inside over a touching love story) and which couples can watch etc.

Finally, I agree that there must be some women in the porn industry who were coerced in some way, either physically by those with the money, or by their circumstances. However, you didn't try to talk to anyone in the industry, it seems to me. You simply made inferences from the tragedy of street girls and implied that it is the same in the porn industry. At least McElroy went and asked women in the business, even if she was perhaps a bit too ready to accept comments they made in public. Sure, her methods could have been better, but they are a start. However, I wonder if she was at all aware of the emotional turmoil her husband must have been in because of the circumstances she put him in?Regards

Richard Sharpe

Dear Mr. Wallace:

I just read your article about Karla Fay and I agree with you 100%. I happened upon your article by accident but I am glad I did.

I think it is a shame that so many people in our country cheer and celebrate when a prisoner is put to death. I am sorry I live in such a society. It certainly is nothing to cheer about.

Our "powers that be" have no problem putting people to death unless, of course, those people travel in their circle and then it doesn't happen. What an unforgiving country we are!

Anyway, thanks for the article.

A George