April 2010

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All Time Favorite Television Episodes


by Jonathan Wallace jw@bway.net



1.      The episode of “Three's Company” where there was a misunderstanding.

2.      The “Golden Girls” show where one of the women was told she was too old for something, then proved she wasn't.

3.      The “Cheers” episode where a stranger came into the bar and everyone got worked up about it.

4.      The “All in the Family” where Archie manifested prejudice towards another ethnic group but overcame it by the end.

5.      The “Gilligan's Island” where the whole group found a way to get off the island, but Gilligan inadvertently messed it up.

6.      The “Seinfeld” episode where George was humiliated (also the episodes where Elaine and Jerry were humiliated, and the one in which Kramer behaved bizarrely).

7.      The “Perry Mason” where the witness broke down under cross examination and confessed to the crime.

8.      The “Star Trek” episode where the guest star in the red jacket got killed during a visit to a planet;s surface.

9.      The “Star Trek TNG” where they found something surprising in the transporter buffer.

10.  The “Star Trek TNG” episode where the holodeck ran wild and caused problems.

11.  The “X Files” where they found incontrovertible evidence of the existence of aliens but it was lost at the end.

12.  The “Lucy” ep where she got in trouble but got out of it by crying in a funny way.

13.  The “Friends” episode in which one of the characters conceived an inappropriate sexual attraction for one of the others.

14.  The “Hannah Montana” episode which sucked.

15.  The episode of “Star Trek” (any)  in which the transporter can't be used to solve a problem because of the presence of some unusual radiation.