The “Yellow Fog” of the Burning Bush

                                   By Kim Rush


The Human Abstract


Pity would be no more,

If we did not make somebody Poor.

And Mercy no more could be,

If all were as happy as we.


And mutual fear brings peace;

Till the selfish loves increase.

Then Cruelty knits a snare,

And spreads his baits with care.


He sits down with holy fears,

And waters the ground with tears.

Then Humility takes its root

Underneath his foot.


Soon spreads the dismal shade

Of Mystery over his head;

And the Caterpillar and Fly,

Feed on the Mystery.


And it bears the fruit of Deceit,

Ruddy and sweet to eat;

And the Raven his nest has made.

In its thickest shade.


The Gods of the earth and sea

Sought thro’ Nature to find this Tree,

But their search was all in vain:

There grows one in the Human Brain.

                                 William Blake 1757--1827

     “I am right, because my god says so.”  Throughout human social

evolution men have created religion (belief systems) to “Explain” what

they could not yet understand.  A few men said they’d talked to

supernatural beings and those beings told them to tell us how to

value life—live for death, the after life of life????, how to socially

behave, and oddly, to follow those who had received such magical

communications.  Hunh?  This, then, helped create a group system of

follow-the-leader behavior that was controlled under the desires of

these special men and their personal connection with these non-

tangible superhuman beings.  Put in this context, the idea of a

magical being, telling us, the lesser, unthinking beings, how to

perceive by ignoring objective reality, to disrespect our individual

mind and value, and thus to always follow-the-leader, seems as if a

comic book character has shaped human society?

 (“Blasphemy!  Blasphemy,” the followers cry.  “Run away--run away,”

they call.  “Where’s the leader?  He’ll tell us what to think.  Run away.

Run away.” Or . . . maybe, think about it?)


     The U.S.A. has a leader who claims to be talking with such a

supernatural being?—although he continuously violates his

supernatural being’s canonistic text proposal of love, charity, and

forgiveness, seeming to only use the ignorance opiate of the masses’

belief system to achieve his desires?   By using bandwagon appeals

like, “god bless America,” “good versus evil,” he prompts, pushes,

pressures, punishes the followers with his use of this magical

relationship and how he is “right.”  Notice the polarization of the last

noted phrase in the previous sentence.  Communication scholars

offer the concept that the English language is structurally polarized in

its presentation of reality.  Note: good or evil, right or wrong, and

success or failure; all showing polarized observations that ignore the

ninety-eight percent of the continuum of objective reality between the

two polarized human/language created ends?  The phantom

supernatural being’s humanly twisted concepts from a cultural

mythology, and the polarized English language perception has great

power over the opiated mass followers—and to its dull—“I believe”


(“I don’t believe a word of it,” bursts unthinkingly out of the followers’

mouths, slamming down rationality and logic?  “Run away.  Run

away.” Or . . . think about it.)


     This subjective understanding shows a worrisome factor in the

present world leader?  Equally worrisome is that one’s intellect is

presented through the communication skills of that person—the

brain’s true ability out through the mouth.  Communication ability

shows the clarity or fogginess of the speaker’s mind.  Have you heard

the phrase: “You are judged by how you speak?” Or, “Your social

class is shown by the way you speak?”  If so, how does the world

judge our leader?  Can we open a dialogue with the world through a

leader who says astonishing things like; “More and more our imports

come from over seas,” “Drug therapies are replacing a lot of

medicines as we used to know it,” “. . . if you say you‘re going to do

something and you don’t do it, that’s trustworthiness,”—funny, funny,

ha, ha, but scary as to the quality of such a mind.  I bet there’s a few

of his guffaws you know too?  What do these burbles say to the world

or anyone opposed to the United States?


     Also, what do these examples say about the academic, social

intellect, and “The American Way”—where it was thought that one

could use his/her work drive and intellect to get an education to

improve his/her life--this man graduated from Yale?--speaks through

broken synaptic pathways, and was elected to the presidency twice? 

What does this say about the United Statesian intellect?  If a person

spoke such confusion at a job interview at your firm, would you hire

him?  Again, what then does the world think about the U.S., for there

are other nations on this planet?—where people might be on the--as

our leader calls it--the “internets” looking at deaths, destruction, dying

babies, rather than at his ranch as he says he likes to use the

internets” to do?  His communication, actions, beliefs damn the

intellectual value of our country.  Mutual respect is required for any

communication to enable peace.


     If you doubt these claims, read the written works of Winston

Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, (The Gettysburg Address—beauty in

language and a window into true intelligence) and others to hear

strong, intellectual, clear minds at work.  Could our leader ever write

such clean prose?  But, I’ve heard from “those who know all”

(followers usually found on AM radio and a certain aggressive TV

news channel) that one does not have to speak clearly to have a

good mind.  Hunh?  What is this madness the United Statesians are

following—and how many people on the earth will it kill?--through

such a confused mind?  How does one achieve help from countries

where our leader says that we must fight our enemies in that country

so that we don’t have to fight them in our country?  Would you help a

person who proposes to fight in your country so as to not face his

enemy in his?  His language presents U.S. to the world?


     Here’s a thought: If you absolutely had to leave town for two days,

and there was only one person who could watch your two year old

baby girl, and that one person was the “world leader,” would you let

him take care of your baby?   Maybe he could take her down to the

ranch and they could sit under the tree of Mystery (Blake) and he

could tell her stories of how he has taken care of the lives of other

babies?  One positive point would be that his and your daughter’s

language skills would be at an equal level—that might be good?


     Or, as he has done, he could use her for his bizarre perception of

reality based on an interpreted magical command and limited

intellect, and parade her with other children in front of the TV

cameras to use them as a logical fallacy premise to once again

ignore scientific genetic facts.  He then, as he did, could smile, “I

believe,” and veto the ability of true science to save children’s lives.


Holy Lies


Their cleaned, scrubbed faces

Held in mothers’ arms upon his stage of holy ignorance

While killing others with smarter than he bombs and super rockets

Truth of science quashed by foolish comic book beliefs

True lives ended by magical beliefs?

He holds the “whole world in his smooth rich man’s hands”

And damn's reality in his dogma plans

He stumbles out bumbling speech

While fools clap as he damns lives to diseased suffering

Smiles and waves his idiocy of magical beliefs to the TV lenses and

the foolish followers clap and cheer his killing absurdity.                                                              


Language is a linear, logical progressive encoding of one’s thoughts

to send a clear message to the listeners.  Or as our leader would say:

“. . . if you say you‘re going to do something and you don’t do it, that’s

trustworthiness,” or “I don’t think I called for a deadline.  Oh, I did. 

Then I meant it.” So this perspective brings to question, should there

be an intelligence test that one must pass to become president, or is

it time to adapt our form of government where by a vote of “no

confidence” could be taken and stop a country’s out of control,

spiraling destruction led by ignorance, “I believe,” and incompetence,

for he still “. . . spreads the dismal shade.” 


     But it continues, for as the candidates for presidency claim their

“follow-the-phantom-leader” beliefs, can we continue in the objective

world through the minds of believers who base reality on a magical

being’s control?  Have not enough “real” people died for a magical

belief?  Or will there still be the absurdity of, “I am right, because my

god says so. Praise god and pass the ammunition.  Live life for

death.”  Or can we be rational and show an actual growth beyond the

presently needed super being to explain the unexplainable?

(“Run away.  Run away. Unpatriotic. Unpatriotic. I do not believe a

word of it. Find the leader.  He’ll tell us what to think. Run away. Run

away,” says the opiated masses.  Or, maybe try to think beyond the

norm?)  Write On!