Stark Naked Man


Kim Rush 


            Is man the thinking animal or the animal thinking?  The thinking animal would note that this question is an Either/Or logical fallacy and that man is a continuum through and beyond these two opposing polarized points.  The animal thinking, motivated by its unrecognized innate survival drive, would devise how to stalk, trap, and eat the thinking animal.  What then is man?  If either, neither, or both, let us approach this eternal quest for the understanding of what is man in an unique free eyed “Oh I’ve never thought of it like that,” direction and take man down to his stark naked self.  In this approach we can see how the collectivisticly controlled clothed “social” human is unknowingly caged to humanity’s exigencies and thus within a socially fabricated and false self. 


            Beyond the cultural norms of the time, why do you think the ancient Olympic games were conducted with the competitors in the nude?  Could it be that a naked man has only himself to use as the force of an athlete?  Each competitor did not have the artifacts of clothing and such to identify his social rank whose nonverbal social message may have given the judges pause before judging the true winner.  Each competitor preformed socially and physically naked to the world; a weakened condition where his mind, his body, his personality were his only attributes and strengths in the competition.  In this true human condition, nothing could be hidden from the spectators.  Naked is to be known as only the self to all.


            I propose that we, and all politicians, all, stand as stark naked humans on our planet.  Exposed as our true selves, we then, would have to understand the world in a situation specific human interaction.  All would be stark naked beings where each would have to use his/her sensory organs, intelligence of one’s brain, one’s  anatomy, one’s gathering of universal human emotions and then to evaluate each and every specific event that happens on the earth as a stark naked true human being.


            Ah, but you say, the question of, “What is man?” is a very old human argument.  It is a philosophical thought that has been argued since the beginning of human history and probably before.  So what, I say.  But, but, but, you say, some philosophers argue that man has an innate evil (animal) base.  Other philosophers argue that man has an innate good (thinking/caring) base.  But is there truly evil and good in nature?  The shark is not evil, but merely a carnivore.  The dove is not good, but merely a small herbivore.  The attributes given to each are merely from the clothed mind of man.   These claims of what is man then have been through the lenses of socially clothed man.  I say that the stark naked man only has himself as a receptor of naked, true reality.  As Shakespeare’s Hamlet (an excellent example of the struggling man clothed in society) says so eloquently abut man, “. . . what is this quintessence of dust?”  The stark naked man is true star dust from the Big Bang creation of our universe.  In his nakedness he is the joining of the universal mystery, magnitude, and the quintessence of the foundation of all.  As a philosophical truism claims: There is but one reality, the one that we as individuals perceive. Stark naked man, not encased in social clothes, perceives through the quintessence of true naked human reality.


            The stark naked man could not then promote actions based on a religious belief system. Thus there is no control from a manufactured supernatural being, or its man made rules for a false reality to live for death.  In the same vein, the naked man could not promote actions because of a political party’s drive for social control.  The naked man could not promote actions via social ethnicity, for he is the single man.  The naked man then could also not promote actions via his nation state in which he resides, for to eat other nation states for survival is the animal thinking, and the naked man knows of nakedness.  With this witling down to the individual entity of man, to the naked human, all actions then must come through the anonymity of this individual mind and thus through a unique, real, human experienced intellect. 


            Stark nakedness too would allow for the loss of the individual ego, for naked is only truth and not part of the false faces from social demands that the clothed man wears to meet the false social faces, but stark nakedness offers only the true naked face to all.  Unlike the man clothed in social, capitalistic, “in fad,” “look at what I got,” norms, this nakedness, leading to the loss of ego, then would allow a higher level of human consciousness to the naked man, giving him the emptiness of self to reach for the sublime.  In this sublimeness one could then join in the naked truth and not be influenced by being enmeshed as in Dante’s Eighth Level of Hell; the false prophets’ reality--and thus a free man. 


            I imagine you smile.  Yes, the human world is made up of over six billion people, so one seemingly can not simply be a naked individual.  The modern clothed man is a being desperately caught in the currents and waves of humanity’s social constructs and in the dark lenses of norms, it appears impossible for one to perceptually isolate himself, but must choose the way to follow what others are following. This idea is a reality seen only through the clothed mass’s tidal wave of ignorance.  Ignorance always screams the loudest and consequently all hear it and unthinkingly follow it regardless of the possibility of animal thinking and thus not recognizing the very ignorance.  The majority always has power over the individual.  So in this dark glass of reality the stark naked man, with clear vision of true human naked reality—knowing of the human universal condition, can not follow the clothed majority.  The naked man in his human knowledge must stand outside of clothed ignorance and beckon the ignorant to the knowing of the true human nakedness.   


            Here’s the paradox to synthesis.  When one reaches the stark naked man euphony; totally isolated from the influences of the clothed human masses’ control, this true man then can become the all of man.  The stark naked man can truly know through the naked self, human fear, anxiety, worry, pain, suffering, wonder, joy, amazement, love, concern, curiosity, and more in the human condition, thus recognizing all of the true universal human values of all mankind.  So, by becoming the stark naked man, the isolated man, the exposed man, he can become aware of how other humans experience the thing we call human life—to become the star dust biped, walking in naked reality, alone, aware, and universally human—the true human entity. 


            So in this revelation of the true human, this socially de-evolvement back to, forward to, the stark naked man can make clean, universal valued human decisions in a specific situational response to human events and needs.  This de-evolvement from the clothed social norm would allow a thought processes not confined by, but far beyond the present socially clothed norm of thought.  Imagine a leader’s approach to the world through such a naked man truth.  All of the isms would glow in their stark banality.  The top social strata of capitalism could not control this naked man.  Money from rich companies could not buy him, for he would be a better man in knowing that their clothes offered to him were invisibly not real and his already nakedness would laugh at the proposed faddish, social deceit.  Bastardized communism could not sway him to know only the masses as one, for he being a naked one, would know that one is only one in the masses.  Fascism, seemingly inevitable as another ism in the evolution of societies controlled by the clothed belief system leader, could not plant itself for its social ugly growth, for the naked one would know that fascism is not of one, but of some-one’s attempt at controlling all ones.


            The naked one would know of no god, for the raw skin to the weather shows only the now, thus revealing that the human life is always and only knowing in the present.  In this knowledge, the frail body is recognized to its beginning and to its end and the only value is in the naked self/all of that present, for one there is no tomorrow.  And in knowing that, he/she would know that all life is a moment in present time.  All life is mortal.  The mythological boogie man, preaching of present life for after death phantom life offers no worry to a naked man.  So such a leader could not, would not, or even consider the subjugation of any other naked person in present reality.  Even the prompting of Saber Rattling wouldn’t appear, for a naked person can not intimidate with his/her genitals on view to the world.


     The controlling devices of modernity are not for human value, but for a social strata’s high financial profit.  The naked people of the world can not allow this to continue.  The rational, true humanness of the stark naked man must be the future of our world, for the present Empire’s rich only, faddish social clothes approach reveals only a nonhuman perception, a nonhuman value, a nonhuman rationality, but only a perception that “profit is the only value” in a vicious capitalistic mandate to the controlling of all humans in a profit only reality.  Remove the mask of this deceit and allow humans to be stark naked in truth. The next person to take the oath of office as president of the United States, from our present Olympic competition, must, must, must be a stark naked human.  Or shall we continue humanity’s destructive spiral through the deceit of the socially clothed nonhuman-value rationality of our present masked, clothed leaders?  


                                                           The End