September 2008

Hello Jonathan,

            The responses among friends and family to this draft has elicited objections from across the spectrum – some for the right reasons, some for the wrong reasons.  The paragraph in italics contains a bad word, which really pisses off women for some reason, regardless of the context or application.   I happen to feel that every word contained here is valid.  In the spirit of my heroes Carlin and Bruce, I say, “fuck them, please run this.”  At the same time, I might engage you in a little discussion as to whether it is appropriate, gratuitously inappropriate, or “over-the-top,” whatever the hell that means.

Thank you,



Pretty Women Selling GOP Carnage



            Republicans are using pretty women to sell their message of greed, deceit, selfishness, and destruction of the environment the Constitution. During both Iraq wars, they had lots of pretty women in “news anchor” positions acting as cheerleaders for their resident generals.  They’re the same ones who reportedly wet their panties upon seeing Bush Jr. in his flightsuit, and otherwise put their lives on hold, while they followed the Lacy Peterson saga.  They also said they would sleep with Karl Rove on the basis of his standing in the party, even though the Pillsbury Dough Boy outshines Karl in the buff.  They said something about “honor and duty.”

            Republicans figure, if the message comes from a pretty woman like Michele Bachman (R-MN) or one of their other well-coiffed apologists, people will want to get on board. Pretty women have sold booze for years.  Now they’ve chosen another pretty woman as McCain’s running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.  They expect she’ll ad an element of attractive young motherhood to a ticket that represents global environmental destruction and the end of reproductive choices for women. She can sell it better. Palin is “just an average hockey mom” out to do her part to destroy the Constitution.  Oh, like they’re SO smart, choosing a woman who built her career in Alaska by destroying others, like her predecessor, Senator Frank Murkowski.  A woman who opposes abortion – what a perfect combination to draw those disenfranchised Hilary supporters from the camp of evil excess.  Palin is actually quite a pork-dealing mama, trying to bring extra income to Alaska with a new gas pipeline.  What could sell the message better than a pretty woman wearing a tool belt crying, “DRILL, DRILL DRILL.”

            This pleases Jerry Falwell and Ralph Reed: “They’re beyond ecstatic,” said Reed of the reaction by his minions.  That can’t be good for anyone who is “old-fashioned” about separation of church and state.  OK, call me old-fashioned, “I love the moonlight, I love the old-fashioned songs,” and a pretty woman who knows how to call out and properly persecute witches. That’s part of Palin’s job-description, to counter the witches of the Democratic Party.  It’s a long way from Salem to Anchorage, but oh my, it’s a small world.


            There’s a bad word for women like this:    A “cunt” is a female who uses her position and standing as a woman for purely selfish or destructive ends.   A cunt is a female who achieves a certain amount of professional standing, in part because she is given certain advantages for being female, yet denies the reality of this dynamic. A cunt is a female who uses her perceived disposition of sweetness to hide a mean-spirited, malicious agenda towards anyone who won’t give them their way. They do this to family members, friends, associates and perceived political or internal opposition. Now that this word has been de-constructed, stop calling me a misogynist.  I love women, but I hate women who use their femininity to sell a bad war or mitigate the face of greed and destruction.  We have corporate cunts and we have political cunts.  “I’m just a sweet and pretty woman who aspires to motherhood and all things good – NOW EXCISE THAT NON-PRODUCTIVE DIVISION FROM THIS COMPANY SO SHAREHOLDERS CAN GET A DECENT RETURN, AND SHUT UP!”


            Sarah Palin knows how to jerk tears from military wives.  That’s the female version of the male-infused concept of “RED MEAT.” 

            During the Dems convention everybody said, “RED MEAT’ a lot.  For political purposes, the crunchy-granola crowd is staying behind the curtain for this election.

            Republicans attacked Michelle Obama for being a pretty women, but not in their camp.  What they really hate is this:  Michelle is something of a black Stepford wife.  This threatens them because Republicans think they have a monopoly on the Stepford wife concept, and they are trying to use them as the face of their campaign.  Bush Jr. called his lies, “Kinder & gentler.”  Palin is giving them “softer, prettier,” as if a soldier getting blown in half by a roadside bomb in Baghdad can feel better about it.  So, they’re using “soft and pretty” to mitigate and mask the ugly, brutality of their agenda.  That is what Sarah Palin has lent her womanness to.  The advancement of one woman does not portend good things for all other women – especially the ones in uniform, of child-bearing age or of color.

            Women who support the Republican Party support policies that are inimical to their interests as women, like the right to choose.