Support the President

by Bob Wilson

The Americans killed 48 hours ago in Manhattan are symbols of the spirit and strength that makes this nation the inspiration of the world. They weren't just "New Yorkers." They were all races, colors, and came from all over this country. They were blue collar, white collar, Republicans, Democrats, religious, non-religious, Jews, Christians, Atheists and Muslims. There were bankers, brokers, secretaries, food vendors, police and firemen/women... In the aircraft there were crewmembers and passengers going to their homes and families, people on business trips, and people going on vacations. In the WTC, the people who were killed were doing the same thing most working Americans do daily. They were fueling the engine of the largest free enterprise economy in the world. They were doing the business of the nation that some have come to hate because of our success and prosperity.

Most all said good-byes to someone they loved earlier that morning, but not with the intention or realization of never seeing them again.

I grieve for them all, and do not understand why anyone has so much hate in their hearts as to celebrate the taking of their lives in such a brutal and savage act of violence.

I feel very strongly that all Americans must unite behind our leadership in solving the mystery of who did this, and resolving to do what is necessary to ensure it doesn't happen again.

This doesn't mean you cannot disagree with the politics of our leaders (or each other) on all the various issues aside from our national tragedy, but at this time..I think it is important that we all show the world that our president represents US...and we support him totally in prosecuting retribution against those who took this unspeakable action against us all.

Bob Wilson is a pilot and businessman living in Arizona.