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Dear Mr. Wallace:

I would like to thank you and encourage you to keep up the good work - keep your pen sharp in fighting for freedom, truth, peace, and justice.

Issam Abdallah

JW,I was searching for blackout 2003 reasons and your story came up.

Parts of the Bronx Twenty years ago was not what it is today. Wolfe's book Bonfire of the Vanities is largely correct when it portrays the area as decrepit. Perhaps the way he protrays people's speech is wrong - I have not read this book. But back then, there were areas of multiple city blocks of building rubble in each direction. Cars were vandalized and set fire to. The hulks and ruins were simply left to rot - the police was not a known term in the Bronx. No one cleaned up anything - least of all the city. For heat in the winter, the areas homeless used trash barrel fires to keep warm. Squatters lived in large abandoned apartment buildings. I drove through the Bronx twenty two years ago. At that time, there were gangs wandering the streets carrying hammers, baseball bats etc. The area was visible from the highway also. You did not need to travel the normal streets to get a feel for the place.

Money came to the Bronx in the form of construction development with the boom in the nineties. Perhaps most of the bad parts of the Bronx have all been changed now.This was just FYI.


Dear Jonathan:

Thank you.

Found your Auschwitz Alphabet looking for practical details of where to land a small plane near Auschwitz. Wanted to be there today when 3 Israeli F-15s scheduled to fly over low and low, star of David visible on their wings. Couldn't go because of weather. But will go someday - and think of the heart and soul you put into your page.Again, thank you.

Adam Shaw