Pop Goes the . . .?


Kim Rush


All around the mulberry bush

The monkey chased the weasel.

The monkey thought “twas all in fun.”

Pop! ges the weasel.


         The gods (dogs) of war have scared the herd into what seems to be a theater of the absurd—or a threatening nursery rhyme?  “All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel.  Pop! goes the weasel.”  He’s back again to scare the herd—to trouble the children, to push them into the monkey’s way.  It’s funny that the herd does not notice that the weasel seems to appear when the monkey needs him to ratify the monkey war?  Throughout the monkey’s “War on Terror” the times the weasel has popped up—seemingly when the monkey has trouble with the herd’s belief in the monkey’s outright lies—suddenly “pop goes the weasel” and the herd returns to follow.  In this theater of the absurd, pop goes the weasel has become a scare tactic to keep the capitalistic only value—keep buying, for the economic profit must grow to support the monkey’s war—and in this threat keeping the domestic herd under control?  And every time when the herd has begun to fuss and mumble about the lies of a privatized money making war for the monkey’s friends, and the monkey brings in the leader of the herd’s children--lead us to death on a lie--to mollify the herd, surprise, “pop goes the weasel?”  Once again a weasel video on the wind-up T.V. “pop goes the weasel” toy box, to keep the herd frightened, the weasel in a black beard supports the monkey’s intent, and the killing on both sides goes on?  Shiver herd shiver, for you have a monkey as your leader?


            The money string controlled puppets of the domesticated, controlled, passive herd’s elected government all dance to the “Pop Goes the Weasel” nursery song and the monkey continues his war—and the herd runs to work and to buy, buy, buy to keep the vicious capitalistic phantom reality alive, looking for good profit—to pay for the monkey’s war, and the herd moves in mass to the falseness?  As always in a capitalistic profit is the only value system, a lesser herd’s child sweat-shops are forgotten in this profit, lie, and fear…the company slave camps are un-noticed in this fear, and the domesticated herd moves forward on mass to follow the monkey’s simple mind.  The out-sourcing of the ability to earn the dollar to buy for profit continues—but don’t get sick, just buy, for the weasel threatens the herd’s “freedom.”  Pop goes the weasel and the herd is in fear and goes on in profit’s fashion, forgetting that the monkey paid for`, provided for, aircraft flights after the mysteriously achieved downing of the herd’s great capitalistic symbolic buildings, the escape of all of the weasel’s family to fly home to safety?  The herd forgets that the monkey knew the weasel’s oil rich family and had done business with them before the attack on the herd?  Pop goes the weasel—and the monkey who said he’d get the weasel has drawn back the paid for employees of the attack workforce’s hunt around the mulberry bush to catch the weasel?  But wait, didn’t the weasel’s family buy the monkey’s failed oil business when the monkey failed before?  The herd shivers in fright and does not know how to understand the reasons for the weasel’s continuous existence?  While, oddly, in violation of the herd's democratically agreed upon constitution, any member of the herd has no such rights as the ferreted away weasel family, but can be spied upon, arrested when even remotely connected—or not, suspiciously weakly to any of the eyes of the new brownshirted power of the wardens (save us our protectors) via the monkey’s dismantling of the herd’s constitution, which he—in an amazing intellectual feat for a monkey--was able to figure his right paw from his left paw, and held the right paw up to pledge to the herd in his usual lie to uphold the herd’s constitution, but—oh herd don’t forget--one must “chase the weasel all around the mulberry bush,” so some herd rights must be lost, for all in the herd are equal, but, some in the herd are just more equal and must control the herd.  


     Let us recall in the history of herddom fighting, who was it that had the inuherdmane idea that, “The end justifies the means?”  Shiver herd shiver.


            When the herd’s representative leaders follow this monkey—even though he can’t tell his right paw from his left, they do it with a bit of a quibble, but in fright of the logical fallacy that they as patriots must support the herd’s employees for pay troops that the monkey has lied into an ambush, they in a Joe McCa way too follow?  Can a member or two of the herd be recognized as “patriotic” when a male/female dares to challenge the monkey’s nonsensical patriotic babble?  For can a herd member be patriotic in a conviction that this lie of a war is not for the herd’s best interest or protection from a threat?  Or can this abstract be understood as a nonpolarized point and that “Patriotism varies, from a noble devotion to a moral lunacy.” (William Inge)  But in the monkey’s control, a member of the herd is damned when he or she dares to challenge the monkey’s interpretation of patriotism.  “Support the young herd fighters or you are unpatriotic,” blathers the monkey and his supporters.  Oh no, oh no we must follow says the herd, for they are members of the herd.  But a domesticated herd is led and does not think, but merely dumbly follows.


            In the domesticated herd there is no morality, for the ability to recognize the value of the individual’s life is lost in the mass of the herd.  A wild herd protects its young, but the domesticated herd darkly recognizes to only protect the mass of the herd, thus creating a prejudice, bigotry, that its herd is more valuable than the other herd, and the domesticated herd then can sacrifice its young to kill or be killed by the other herd’s population.  The capitalistic domesticated herd then without the morality of the individual life’s value creates a “workforce” to kill the other herd’s population; adults, male, female, children, babies; all killed to keep the domesticated mass herd’s profit functioning to keep a Solient Green continuum.  The domesticated herd’s “workforce protectors” are paid to kill the other herd off--killing for a paycheck created by the monkey’s lies.  Pop.  All of this deceit is based upon the monkey’s supposed drive to chase the weasel?  So with no morals, no concern for its young, the herd continues to follow? 


            “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal,” Animal Farm, George Orwell.  The more equal animals are following the monkey for there is great profit for them in the massive war industry war machine.  And, again, profit, not life or freedom or safety is now the herd’s only followers’ value.  The privatization of the young members of the herd to kill the other herd’s population has become a great money making workforce for their more equal animal blackwater controllers.  Since the workforce is voluntary, none of the more equal children are forced to join in the killing, for they have the greater equal of money, where as the herd’s young must join the herd fighters to make the money to support themselves and their offspring—which will be for the more equals to use, to have them kill, all for profit to the more equals.  For there is really no volunteer from the herd in this sense, because the governmental statistics from the monkey’s leadership are not truth, but fabricated statistics to satiate the herd.  The monkey’s governmental statistics of unemployment in the herd, the herd’s economic growth, its “prosperity” are all presented to the herd in a diffusive, obfusiacatory, lying fashion where the numbers have been twisted to create a positivistic lie.  But the herd in its fear and care to eat—or to have a new car or the latest fashions, does not, maybe can not, take the time to read the government’s statistical lies and the herd believes its masters—for it is an uneducated, domestic herd.


            In this conditioning of a herd to follow, the herd must follow and not challenge, for it is a herd cultured to be used.  The monkey gets his way, for he is a member of the more equals and the herd must follow to be patriotic and be in the in-group of the herd to be able to make the money to support the more than equal animals in the herd.  So the herd will pay its in-need-of-money (employees) herd members to kill the other herd’s population, to follow the monkey’s stupidity of not knowing his left paw from his right paw, his “I am the leader of the herd” mentality, the herd’s representatives’ failure in spineless fear, the herd’s fear for the profit of the monkey, the more equal animals, the herd’s fear of the “pop goes the weasel” and it will only continue in its support of bloodshed.  But, but, but even in the herd a rumble must rise to ask the question of:  Who is turning the crank of the box from which the weasel pops? Shiver herd, shiver, for a herd is always led to slaughter for the profit of its more equals.



                                           The End