November 2011

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A winning combo


by Carmine Gorga



In the nearby pieces, Jonathan Wallace and Peter Bearse offer to the Occupy Wall Street movement two diametrically opposed recommendations: stay put as long as you can; go home to work in your communities as soon as you can.


To make a winning combo out of these two visions, let us fuse them into this one recommendation: go home to work into the political field as soon as you have agreed upon a viable program of action that gives a reasonable assurance of transforming society into what it used to be and what it is meant to be—a community of self-respecting and mutually supporting human beings.


In the meantime, you can perform a most valuable function. You can reintegrate the homeless into our society by doing what you are doing, but perhaps more consciously and joyously: by providing them with food, clothing, shelter + address, and companionship.


Mr. Gorga blogs at  http://me-a-new-economic-atlas-and-you/