Clinton, Bush and Cocaine

by Bob Wilson

The Clinton camp has openly advocated that George W. Bush NOT cave to the media and give an answer to their cocaine question. In several Sunday media "news programs", Clinton insiders said that Bush was being hounded unfairly, and that he should stick to his non-answers to repeated questions as to if, and when he may have done the drug.

Answering as to whether he could have passed the "standards" of the Clinton White House which supposedly questions employee candidates as to their drug usage for seven years past, Bush responded by saying that he could have, and that he could have also passed the standards as they existed when his father was president. The media translated that answer into a twenty some year time period and misquoted Bush as having said he didn't do cocaine in the past twenty some years.

The clear assumption most reasonably make from Bush's refusal to admit or deny drug use in his youth, is that he must have indeed used drugs. One would think that the Clinton/Gore camp would gleefully demand (as do many in the media) that Bush come clean. Why would they seemingly defend his absurd position that only baits the media to continue pursuit of an answer?

For one thing, they know that Bush will only perpetuate the rumors and questions by refusing to answer directly. For another thing, the Clinton White House (Gore included) know that should G. W. Bush decide to forthrightly answer (either yes, or no) then Clinton, who has been long rumored (and directly accused by at least one of his numerous admitted female consorts) to be a voracious, and ongoing user of cocaine, may be asked the same question.

Jennifer Flowers quotes Clinton to have offered her cocaine, and to have said that he uses so much that his "head itches." These revelations were made by Flowers in a publication which paid for her story. She had been ignored by the national media when she came forward with her accusations that she and Clinton were sex partners. Clinton denied that he had sexual relations with Flowers until he was backed into a corner where admission was his only option. Among Clinton's close Arkansas associates is the notorious Dan Lassiter, a drug dealer rumored to have been the main drug supplier to Clinton. The mainstream press has never directly confronted the Clintons about these drug accusations, nor as Clinton sycophants, would I expect that they will. Embarrassing questions for the Clintons may surface however, compelled by a frank and honest admission by candidate Bush, that he experimented with the drug 28 or so years ago as a young man.

Interestingly, the white house press secretary today announced (admittedly without having consulted Clinton, giving him the ability to deny that he personally ever said it), that he (Clinton) never used the drug Cocaine. The White House press secretary is anything but a credible source, since the same office just over a year ago, stated that Clinton didn't have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Bob Wilson is a businessman and pilot living in Arizona who writes regularly for the Spectacle.