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It is a truism that democracies last about 200 years at full flower and then start to decline. What will become of ours is a highly interesting speculation.

On the one hand--something I forgot to mention in this month's lead essay-- the 2004 election was a relief after the debacle four years ago. Despite the rumors of fraud and theft flying around the Internet, I believe that this time Bush really won both the popular and electoral vote. So the system worked a lot better than it did four years ago.

On the other, I am concerned by a number of things: the apparent inability of the majority to get to (or even care about) the truth about leadership and intelligence, and therefore the vindication of the Republicans' cynical belief that the presidency can be occupied by a warm body, while the real work is carried out behind the scenes; the possible founding of a political family dynasty, generally in my opinion a bad thing in politics; the electorate's sluggishness this time about connecting the dots and holding the administration responsible for a lousy economy or the fiasco in Iraq.

Luis Bunuel once said that he wished that after death, he would be able to return once every ten years for half an hour, and read the newspaper. It would be fascinating to know what today will look like from 2025.

Jonathan Wallace jw@bway.net

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The fuck-me? no, fuck you! department
I spend my time taking the blinders off my fellow Christians that Pat Robertson, whom you malign, and rightly so, but for the wrong reasons. I believe that every Catholic, nay, every Christian should read Father Fahey's The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World. They would see that we should all be "anti-semitic" in the sense that we should oppose the Jews united effort to destroy this country and impose a satanic Jewish order upon the world. They control our media, our publishing, our government, our treasury, they very nearly control our "Christian" Churches through either direct infiltration (I've run into this myself and can name names) or through their lackeys theCommies, Masons and New Agers.

Pat Robertson himself is actually, and I believe you know this, a lackey for the Jewish/Masons. Unless you can explain to me why he puts a Masonic symbol on every page of his book the New Millenium, why he's gving a Masonic symbol on the cover of a Time magazine cover. Unless you can explain to me why his cohort the "convert" Jay Sekulow is helping to promote the worst form of rock&roll on TBN. Oh hell, I could write a book on why Christians shouldn't trust Pat Robertson.

All Christian should be "anti-semitic" in the sense that Father Fahey points out we should be, i.e., Jews consider any opposition to their goal of imposing a satanic, godless, Jewish order on the world "anti-semitism" I find it interesting you strangers to truth consider it "anti-semitic" to point out that Jewish communists dominated Russia (where the Christian ruling class were eliminated through murder, intimidation, torture, etc.) yet I've got a video series narrated my Abba Eban, probably one of the most important Zionists of the 20th century, and he proudly admits that Jews dominated Communist Russia. If he were a gentile and said that he'd be considered an "antisemite" As our Lord said.: "Your father is the devil"


Better to be a christian than a communist jew. Jews who have done more damage to a country that has embraced them than any other hate group! A Group of people who brought their regressive pagan movement from Eastern Europe and Russia after their movement had turned against them! Go back to Eastern Europe and Russia and undo what your malignant movement did to those people.

Oh and the anti christ could never be jewish Huh! Lenin one of the most evil men who has graced the earth proves otherwise! And then greatest jew killer of all time was defined by his bastard jewish heritage! Go Figure, oh thats right you dont do that do you?

Mike mike7676@sbcglobal.net

This may not belong with the others:
What can you say about Jews who actively participated with Germans in exterminating fellow Jews in theholocaust ? Huh ???

I am writing a Book"Ordinary Jews and their Role as executioners in the holocaust"There were many sadistic Kapos(Jewish prison Guards) who beat prisoners to death to please their German masters and to get extra rations.

Jews regularly sneaked on fellow Jews to the Germans just to gain favour. Are you man enough to admit thisor not ???? There were Jews who reported to the germans promptly if anyone went missing in the barracks.

My own Great Grand Uncle was beaten to death by a Jewish Kapo in Mauthausen because he was too exhausted to cut his share of firewood in time.

I am also 1/4 Jewish and I find this disgusting. All Jews must be told about this.Why does nobody indict them ? There were at least 30,000 Jews who actively participated with Germans in murdering fellow Jews inthe Holocaust.

THEIR GUILT AND COMPLICITY CANNOT BE IGNORED. There were jewish medical assistants who assisted german doctors in conducting experiments on Jewish prisoners and injecting them with lethal injections. There were Jews who dragged fellow Jews after theywere gassed from the gas chambers to the crematorium.

They cannot escape using the idiotic phrase"I was following orders". Or "The Germans put fear into us"What applies to Germans also applies to Jews. Why were they not men enough to resist ?They should have resisted en-masse. Even in Schindler's list they show such a Jew clown. Except in Sobibor, in no other camp did you seeorganized Jewish resistance.!!!! That is because the individual Jews were so eager to preserve their own lives that they curried favours with the germans to kill 5 other Jews they new. Which is WHY THE HOLOCAUST WAS SO SUCCESSFUL !!!! If 75% of the Jews had not co-operated with theGermans the loss of life would have been less.

Come on !! Look at me in the face and tell me that IamLying !!!! I have not seen a single Kapo put on trial.

Everybody else
Dear Mr. Wallace:

Hi, my name is Megan, and i just read your article on Amadou Diallo and while i realize it's been awhile since this has taken place, i still wanted 2 write you and let you know it's so good 2 hear someone as yourself who seems to be just as concerned with the state of society, the police department, and the government, as i am. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and i hope 2 one day accomplish my goals. I'm 17, and have big dreams of changing things in society.. All i need is a chance..

Anyway, just wanted 2 write you, hope u didnt mind... i loved what you had to say...Have a great day!


Dear Mr. Wallace:

I have just become familiar with the '96 Everest tragedy. I came across your Review on Into Thin Air. Your comments seem well considered and well composed.

Scot Copeland

Mr. Wallace:

Just one burning question (and I know you probably won't have the time to answer this, but I ask anyway): do you think that the world could be a better place if a sort of training in morality were instantiated instead of Sunday School and Hebrew School and whatever schooling Muslim's do for thoughtless adherence to religious maxims? Background info: I was never baptized or christened (my mother's country is Lutheran, but she never followed through on her countrymen's convictions [that is to say, we're not hereditarily or nationally Jewish or Muslim]), didn't go to church/synagogue/mosque, but I have a sense of right and wrong that doesn't come from something that the minister or rabbi or ulama told me was what God wanted. My sense of morality is based on pain and pleasure, which is to say that it is, for the most part, utilitarian, but believe it or not, also highly idealistic (in the Platonic sense). All of this goes to say that I don't think that religion is necessary for a moral society, but empathetic, compassionate, conscientious, and educated members are. Thus my question.


Dear Mr. Wallace:

You gave 3 points on why God didn't intervene. Did it ever cross your mind that he knew it was going to happen before it happened? It is a matter of fulfilling prophecies. If certain things don't happen, then Armageddon won't occur. There is a plan and it must be followed to the letter. "God works in mysterious ways." Sometimes death comes out of neccesity, justice, and even mercy. I think that everything that ever happened and will happen is just simply a means to a perfect end. Tsumei Tsagara