The Snivel War.

by Bob Wilson

Republicans won the election last week by a healthy margin. How could that be?

The Dems were confident! Their army of 10,000 lawyers were poised by aircraft ready to fly to battleground states to contest any "close" counts...but sadly, (for them) it really wasn't close.

The media had done all it could. Hollywood had fired all it's guns! Michael Moore had done his best, making millions in the process. George Soros had spent tens of millions to ensure that bastard, Bush would lose. Kitty Kelly did her part. So had Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw. Kerry had stumped every state with rock stars like "The Boss" and "P-Diddy" doing his "warm up" (and to ensure that a crowd materializes for a free concert!) The Dom was on ice and the caviar was ready! The early exit polls were encouraging....it looked like a Kerry ROMP!

Then, Pffffft! Gone! The sea of "red counties" rapidly appeared and overwhelmingly shut down the hopes of thousands of confident liberals.

When Florida went for Bush by hundreds of thousands of votes, and then Ohio went early, never hinting that Kerry had a chance...(though most of the media refused to call it for Bush in spite of the fact that a Kerry win would have required 100% of the "provisional" ballots, not to mention all of the military absentee votes to make it close) the media stopped predicting winners, hoping against hope that the lawyers would be able to redeem things. Finally, it was conceded that the "unthinkable" had happened, but still, Kerry waited until the next day to throw in the towel.

Within 24 hours of the polls closing, the reactions began to filter in. The liberals were in shock! It couldn't be! The analysis began. How did the liberals "lose" the election?

The answer is.....they didn't "lose" the election. The Republicans WON IT! It was never the liberals election to "lose!" It was up to the Republicans to "lose" the election...because they were the office holders!

Now the libs have gone into various stages of reaction. The most familiar lament from liberal "pundits" is: The people who voted for Bush are just....STUPID!" The Republicans, who are portrayed as "rich and greedy" on one day, are now suddenly "Wall-mart voters" and "Trailer trash, incapable of being educated!" And the latest outrageous rant spreading through the Internet...The Republicans (somehow) rigged the ballot machines and boxes...and STOLE the election!!! Yes, the MORONS in the Red states...cleverly sabotaged the ballot machines nationwide and pulled off the grandest conspiracy ever! Not bad for a bunch of dimwitted Born Again rednecks, huh?

Now a popular liberal contention is that the "blue" states must secede from America and join with Canada to form a "New Republic" free of the ignorant, unteachable rednecks in "Jesus Land!" It seems that some Liberals believe that a whole bunch of moronic "Christians" banded together and block-voted against them, causing them to lose the election...hence all the "red" states" are branded by what is nothing short of a religious slur!

How would it be received in the media if the tables were turned, and conservatives mockingly referred to South Florida as "Jew Land!"? How about calling the rust-belt urban cities that voted for Kerry..."Negro Land!"? Is it OK to say that the central California area around San Francisco is "Queer Land?"! Wouldn't be well received, but I suppose calling the vast majority of American states that voted for Kerry "Jesus Land" is apparently just fine.

The libs have embarked on a great "snivel war" that they think helps their cause. They actually believe that they "lost" the election because they are too smart! I sincerely hope that those liberal leaders in the Democrat party continue to hold on to their leadership roles, because they will never win a significant election with their inability to understand what happened, or how they look in their current state of denial to the majority of Americans in "Jesus Land."...

Bob Wilson


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