December 2008

Letters to the Ethical Spectacle

Nobody hates me this week.


I want to thank you for your objective website, especially the idea of exploiting double standards. I think that double standards are with in the greater problem of general hypocrisy, and that the solution to alleviating some of this is through educating the importance of critical thinking. Anyway, I really like your work and it might inspire me in my quest to write my book i have been working on.

take care!

rob miller

Dear JW,

While stressing out over writing an online business class essay, I was fortunate enough to have stumbled across your website. Writing, for me, is oftentimes a simultaneously frustrating, exhausting, and exhilirating experience. After doing a search about "lying to customers" on Google, I was thrilled to find great inspirational resources in one of your essays. My focus became renewed, and I finished my essay, quite relieved.

Beyond this, after bookmarking your site, I read your bio, discovering it to unsurpassed in its ability to speak to me in such a meanigful way, with lasting effects.

Reading about your experiences is a significant contribution to today's happiness.


Tim G.

I read your essay for a social studies project. Frankly, it's brilliant. I have never before seen someone attack Thomas Jefferson, and so I'm maybe unduly impressed. I'm going to show this to my teacher.

Yumna Arif