Remove the Bastard

by Bob Wilson

There are apparently lots of confused (but sincere) Clinton supporters who say that his lies about sex to the grand jury, while wrong, did not warrant his impeachment. The source of their confusion is, in great part, the liberal leaders who have no recourse but to spin this nightmare to the nth degree. One such mental giant (a local radio caller) compared Clinton's "sex lies" it to intentionally misstating his age out of embarrassment. As such, he said the offense is minor, and impeachment is not merited.

Here is what these people do not understand:

1. If Clinton had admitted truthfully, while giving his sworn deposition, that he did engage in sex with Monica Lewinsky, (a low level employee of the White House) then the lawyers for Paula Jones would have established a clear pattern of sexual behavior that backed up Paula's claim.

2. If Paula Jones then won her suit claiming sexual harassment against Clinton, he would be exposed as a reprobate, and sexual predator subject to a large monetary judgment in favor of Jones. The political fallout would have been monumental.

3. The Hollywood liberals and media elite, who are at least now, able to support him by claiming that this whole impeachment is about private, consensual, adulterous sex, (just like all men indulge in as they assert) would have to reconcile their support of a convicted sexual predator, and all around politically incorrect guy. Clinton would be like Bob Packwood or Clarence Thomas...only their guy is actually convicted of the crime.

So, with his back against the wall, he did indeed lie about sex. He committed the perjury and obstructed justice by conspiring with (even tricking) others to back up his lie to defend himself against proof that he is a pathological criminal sexual predator, not merely a typical "man." In other words, the war is about not relinquishing political power to the forces of "evil" regardless of what minor "indiscretions" any individual leader of the (politically correct) liberal cause might be guilty of. Clinton could do nothing wrong, and must retain power at all cost so long as he pursues the agenda of the left.

Make no mistake about it though. Most of these liberal elitists absolutely despise what Clinton has done. They do not enjoy the necessity of parsing words and dancing on the head of a pin in maintaining their ludicrous positions in defense of him. Unfortunately for them, it is their only recourse, else they must concede/admit that they, and their philosophical world is totally bankrupt. Unfortunately for us all, is the fact that there are apparently lots of really ignorant people eager to lap up and parrot their excuses.

Bob Wilson is a businessman and pilot who writes regularly for the Ethical Spectacle.