Bob Wilson Complains About Chris Jackson

March 14, 1996
The Arizona Republic

Dear Editor:

E. J. Montini's column on 3/14/96 regarding Chris Jackson (aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf) was one of the best of his renderings to date. It should be required reading by every literate citizen in the United States. Schools should incorporate that column in class work as a model of journalistic excellence representative of the Liberal viewpoint regarding nationalism, patriotism, and the rights of private business to have rules of behavior. Elements of Mr. Montini's viewpoint are evident in the reporting of the "Rauf" story by all three major television networks. The Republican National Committee should incorporate that column as an example of how liberal journalists think.

What Montini said in a nutshell (appropriate term) was: Greedy NBA "businessmen" know that patriotism sells. According to E.J., these ruthless capitalists should have no right to contractually dictate that their workers show respect to the flag...the symbol of the nation. These businessmen (doubtless mostly white) should be compelled (undoubtedly by the government) to tolerate workers who openly display contempt for the country which gave them the opportunity to earn in excess of $30,000.00 AN HOUR for their labor. These businessmen should be required to retain these workers even if they spit in the face of thousands of patriotic fans who pay the ticket prices, buy the sponsor's products, wear the team colors, etc. These "businessmen" should not be allowed to have "rules" which dictate "respect for the country" because if they do that, then, they might be able to dictate that their workers worship in a particular way too. (Typical liberal non-sequitur analogy .) To Montini, this country stands tall for the right of those who hate the nation. They should retain their positions in private businesses, even though their actions, (while wearing the uniform of the business, and while engaging in the activities of that business) will destroy the business.

Jackson (Rauf) should be awarded millions in damages from those greedy businessmen for not allowing him to destroy the NBA...according to Montini. "Truth is (according to Montini) the NBA should be PROHIBITED from playing the national anthem."

I guess that Montini feels that the NBA should be renamed simply the "BA." National championships should be renamed, geographic regional championships. Heck, we could eliminate keeping score at the games with Canadian teams too, lest "nationalism" rear it's ugly head.

That is "truth" E.J. Montini style. What a country!

Bob Wilson, who is rather conservative, is a regular contributor to these pages.