Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

The Communications Decency Act
Dear Jonathan Wallace:

I forward your message "CDA hearing--day 1" in CuD and its translated version in Japanese to Alternative Movements Mailing List(aml) in Japan. The translation that I did seems not so good because I have not so much enough time to spend the work.

CDA has very huge influences to Asian countries that have a trend of state bureaucratic oppression. In Japan, net censorship is going by Government and net industries through self-censorship program not legislation. By such self-censorship, government tries to avoid the criticism from users. We starts the movement against such Japanes-style censorship program. If you can read Japanese, please access folowing WWW. Thank you.

Toshimaru Ogura Bogr@mail.st.rim.or.jp

Against censorship Homepage in Japanese:

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Just read your article about Day 2 of the hearing (on Farber's IP list).

The article was excellent. Keep up the good work.

I am going to start up an org myself soon, called "Parents sick of their kids being used to promote Censorship".

Thanks for fighting the good fight,

Bradley K. Sherman bks@netcom.com

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Thanks for these reports.


I've been following the stories from your excellent web page. What's the next step in the process? When is the next hearing?

Thank you,
David Drexler ddrex@netplus.net

The ACLU case is over but closing arguments will be held on May 10. Stay tuned for a decision shortly after. The Shea case has one more day of testimony scheduled, on May 6.

Dear Jonathan:

I'd just like to remind you that we are standing behind you on this. It's better to hang together than to hang separately...

-- Harry Erwin herwin@gmu.edu
Web Page: http://osf1.gmu.edu/~herwin (contains 'indecent' academic material)

An Auschwitz Alphabet
Dear Mr. Wallace:

I found your website on Auschwitz very helpful in writing my research report. You did an excellent job with it. It was very complete and well written.

Joshua Prince Dalamar535@aol.com


I just visited your Auschwitz Alphabet. If you read French, you might be interested in a book:


Alain de Cheveigne' alain@linguist.jussieu.fr


I followed a link in one of your postings on the CDA to your Auschwitz Alphabet page. I have only looked through a small portion of it, but I am very impressed and plan to revisit it.

I'd like to make several comments. First, I'll differ with you on the existence of God. The explanation, for myself, of "why God lets bad things happen" is fairly simple. He's letting us have enough rope to hang ourselves. The book of Revelation in the Bible details the destruction of the earth through disease, starvation, war and pestilence. We'll do it to ourselves without any outside help when we continue to forget things like the Holocaust, or downplay their importance...when we continue to poison the earth with pesticides while the pests continue to adapt to them...when we dump grain in the streets to inflate prices while third world nations starve... We must learn or die.

Second, it may be worthwhile to remind non-Jewish readers that the Holocaust was costly worldwide. My own grandfather, an orphan, lied about his age at 14 and entered the army at the tail end of WWI. He fought at Normandy in WWII and was seriously injured there. He killed the driver of an SS car that shot him and the SS officer who then jumped out to take pot shots at him. Grandpa used the flags from the German staff car to bind a wound on his arm. He also suffered two shots through the abdomen and a fourth bullet had lodged into his spinal column in such a manner that the surgeons did not remove it for fear of severing his spinal cord. Grandpa and one other man were the only two to survive from his unit. My father is named after that other man. Grandpa died a few years later when dad was 7, from complications of his injuries. My father has a suitcase with Grandpa's medals, the flag from his coffin, and the flags from the SS officer's car with Grandpa's blood on them.

Third, it may be worthwhile to remind non-Jewish antagonists that accuse 'Jews' of killing Christ, that Jesus himself was a Jew, and was proclaimed to be 'King of the Jews'. The New Testament also states that 'salvation is of the Jews.' Jesus was killed by Roman Law and greedy men who were afraid they would lose what little power the Romans granted them if the afront to Roman sovereignty were allowed to continue.

Lastly, you made some mention about questioning everything. I have to say that I agree that everything should be questioned. I am a 'Presbyterian' by baptism and the church I attend, but am very individual in my beliefs. I do not believe in the Christian 'Trinity'...you'll find no mention of it in the Bible. The 'Holy Spirit' to me is not a 'Holy Ghost', it is a 'Holy Attitude'...which makes considerably more sense. I don't believe in people burning in hell...the Bible never says this...it quite clearly states 'the wages of sin is death' (not torture). I don't believe in the 'Christian' holidays of Christmas, Easter, etc. Easter is a celebration of the Babylonian fertility goddess, 'Ishtar', complete with colored eggs and sunrise services. Christmas is older than Christianity... as are all the equinox and solstice celebrations. People forget that the word 'Catholic' means 'universal', and that the Roman Catholic church is not Christian at all...but a merged collection of differing beliefs and practices assimilated by the state religion of Rome and dictated by the ceasars. As a consequence, I've even thought of celebrating the Jewish holy days...as the original Christians did...but have really no idea of how to go about that yet.

Anyway, here's thanks for a thoroughly well-thought-out and thought provoking site. Take care...

Robert J. Slover slover@Rose-Hulman.edu

Dear Jonathan:

I found your web page and am very impressed with what you are doing and how you are going about it. You cannot go far wrong letting yourself be influenced by Primo Levi. There was a great deal that moved me, and I could trace your thoughts and recognize some of my own in them. I noticed that you know German (I don't think that Klemperer has been translated into English). I also speak German and am involved in what is sometimes called German/Jewish dialogue, for lack of a better phrase, both in Boston and in Germany. My web page (http://www.tiac.net/users/kkrone) contains a "Holocaust related translations" section with several short linked essays. I invite you to take a look. I am going to create a link to your site in any case. Would you be interested in doing the same?

I look forward to hearing from you and corresponding in the future.

Ken Kronenberg kkrone@tiac.net

Hi Jonathan,

First, congratulations on a very well-executed Web page (Auschwitz Alphabet). I first heard of it in your post "Why I Will Not Rate My Website" (Jonathan Wallace is a nom de plume?) and thought I'd look it up.

I wanted to make you aware, if you are not already, of the book _The Ominous Parallels_, by Dr. Leonard Peikoff. I have been interested in the Holocaust, particularly in _how_ it could happen as opposed to _what_ happened, since I first heard of it at about the age of eight. I read a fair amount on it, including Shirer's _Rise and Fall_ from cover to cover, but never found a satisfactory explanation until I read Dr. Peikoff's book. He identifies the ideas and the philosophy (his PhD is in philosophy) that made Hitler's rise and the subsequent Holocaust possible, and goes a step further to identify where those same are presnt in modern America (hence the title). The core of his thesis is in the mistaken elevation of the collective over the individual, and the subsequent trampling of individual rights.

It should be available at your library. If you read it I hope you find it useful and interesting.

All the best,
Alan McKendree amck@eden.com

>Dear Mr. Wallace:

First of all I would like to congratulate you for your fine work. I am a 21 year old mexican law student of german ascent (please remember german does not equal nazi). I would like to kindly ask you for a favour: One year ago, while talking to a jewish friend of mine,she told me that her family was in possesion of a letter dated on the 28/VIII/1943. This letter is written in german, and since none of her family members speaks german, they did not know what it is about.Since I do speak german I offered myself to translate the letter. She gladly accepted and the next day she handed me a photocopy of the letter. I translated it and thanked her for trusting me with such a valuable and personal item. But one thig struck me as mysterious (and still does). The letter mentions a place where the father of the writer was, and even with a lot of research I have not found where this place was or what it was, I even have thought that it is some kind of secret code for something. The name of the place is SACKENHOYM. This is where the favour comes. I would appreciate it if you have any ideas of what this means let me know. I really look forward to your answer.

Karl Tessmann Diaz karl@mail.internet.com.mx

I found Sackenhoym on p. 53 of Gutman and Berenbaum, Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp (Indiana University Press 1994). It was a slave labor camp, apparently in Poland, which was later replaced by several Auschwitz satellite camps. Most of the inmates of these camps, who worked for German industry, were later murdered in Auschwitz.

Progress and Decay
Dear Mr. Wallace:

I wish to compliment you on two brilliantly written pieces, "Democracy and Capitalism", and "George Orwell was Wrong." As you are aware, I do not share your cynical view of capitalism, but your views are consistent with the tendency of liberals who view themselves as "moral gatekeepers." Both pieces are extremely well written, provoke thought, and reflect a mind in turmoil.

I found it interesting also that Communism had repressed and controlled the hatred in Yugoslavia. I tend to conclude however, that it was the collapse of government, (whatever ideology the government followed is irrelevant) that allowed the resurfacing of the hatred that conflicting religious and ethnic cultures cleave to, thus the slaughter and "ethnic cleansing" was unleashed. Yugoslavia was a communist "melting pot" and not much had melted. Much evidence exists that some of the same could happen here too. Communism is just a more effective tool for repression of the people and was therefore better able to suppress the turmoil. In the case of such an artificial and unnatural society, all it took was for government to break down for a return to ethnic and religious tribalism.

As usual, I give you an A++ for style, though I have deep reservations about the direction of your logic.

Bob Wilson homefndr@aol.com

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Well, this is sort-of interesting,

I've downloaded your stuff and can review them at my leasure. It seems vaguely interesting.

Some things are obvious already. You have an ethical objection to the course of this present society. You attack one or another excesses of modern capitalism - the Nazis, etc.

My general take is ethics, and individual ethical objections are products of the present society. And they are a product that now serves only to strengthen this society and to sap any actual oppositional ideas and forces.

Also. My site also gets quite a few hits but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking these are people "reading" my material. Clearly web cruzing is a experiance similar to channel surfing. This doesn't mean that radical shouldn't be on the web, only that we should not delude ourselves about how we are reaching people.

If I have time and energy, I may include a critique of your site on mine - /www.webcom.com/maxang/. And in any case I invite you to check it out.

Take care
Max maxang@webcom.com


I must commend you on the spectacular job you are doing with your newsletter. I was most impressed with your article "My right to carry a SAM" and I agree completely with your intelligent and well rationalized opinion. Your graphics are most impressive and emphasizes the painstaking detail to attention that is so evident in the final product.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Mr. Wallace:

I didn't see any sites on genetic testing, say, in the workplace. I'm doing a project on this topic, and I am having some difficulty finding pertinent sites. Any suggestions?


Amanda Bergman ABergma@lville.pvt.k12.nj.us