Support the troops...Why?

By Glynn Ash

On March 23, The United States, in a masterful "end-around" of all international and United Nations laws and charters, unilaterally and illegally led it's NATO lap-dogs into an all out attack (and probable invasion) on the forces of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic , it's first ever invasion of a sovereign nation, thus injecting itself into the internal, civil affairs of a sovereign nation which has NOT invaded another sovereign country. <[p> Forgeting that during civil war, atrocities are perpetrated by both sides and, buying into the two year lobbying efforts leveled upon the U.S. State Department from the K.L.A. (whose own atrocities have been down-played in American media, whose interpretation of the "slaughter" in Racak and whose financing has been questioned in the European media), this attack, with the oh-so-convenient assistance of corporate media propagandizing (especially NBC, which is owned by GE, which, being a military contractor, always profits nicely from war and death!) has been carried out under the pretext of it being an "humanitarian effort" to stop Moleseivics' practice of "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo.

Apparently, our decision to bestow "humanitarian" assistance to any one segment of the world population depends entirely upon whose economic ox is being gored -- and what color you happen to be.

Let's examine just a few of America's "Humanitarian" impulses:

Ignoring and, in some instances, supporting the "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia-Herzagovnia, ignoring the slaughter of millions of East Timorans, ignoring the tragedy in Rwanda, ignoring America's support of the genocide of native Mayans in Guatemala (and others throughout Central America...for the "freedom" that is Chaquita Corp.), ignoring our biological warfare of starvation and sickness perpetrated against Iraqi children, ignoring the perpetual poverty and starvation -- with no health care coverage -- of our own children (well, they're mostly children of color, "niggers...spics and im-e-grunts", so they don't really count!) and ignoring other human tragedies to numerous to mention, we, as a nation, sat riveted (read: diverted) in fat, selfish ignorance and arrogance, as tales of Presidential blow-jobs, contract-muders, failed land deals, drug running and stained dresses cascaded, for years, from that fountain of wisdom we call the "media".

We had to be informed of Presidential peccadilloes, the media told us...after all, they now what's best, what the people "need" to know.

It seems as if "atrocity" is defined and defended against when, and only when, vital American/Capitalist interests are at stake. If not, we look the other way -- or commit them ourselves.

Humanitarian assistance? Let's be frank, there are two reasons for our illegal attack on this soveriegn nation. Milosevic won't a.) eliminate his countries policy of "economic planning" and open his country to Western "open markets" and b.) he refuses to change his nations status of being the only Europeon country to NOT welcome NATO and allow it's bases within it's borders.

Now, is it just me, or did Henry Hyde, he of youthful indescretions and bank scandals, call for a re-instatement of the draft, ONE WEEK BEFORE the bombing of Serbia commenced, and am I the only one who noticed that the media did a fabulous job of under-reporting this, much less making and keeping it an issue since ...and am I the only one who smells a rat? Which leads me to my real point.

We have heard a litany of politicos, military "men", policy makers and bourgeois think-tank talking-heads from all sides engaging in lively debate on everything from policy to the neccesity of ground troops, not only in Kosovo, but in Iraq and elsewhere. The only area of agreement among them seems to be the need to "support our troops".

Can I ask a radical question...Why?

Why should we support "our" troops? Are they supporting us, or are they only looking out for themselves and a government more concerned with coporate interests than it is with human interests?

Hear we have a group of men and women who concluded, on their own, to give up most of their own civil rights, to become a part of a military/industrial complex which, contrary to it's stated objective of protecting Americans and freedom throughout the world, does nothing more than protect capitalistic, imperial expansionism, making it possible for wealthy industrialists to carry on with policies that lead to the kind of human tragedies mentioned above.

Their decision was made mostly for selfish reasons, to obtain money from the government (you and me) to subsidize their own college educations, so they can become the new generation of industrialists, thus perpetuating the cycle. Or, at the very least (but again, selfishly) to learn career skills, that will pay them relatively well, that are in high demand from said industrialists, again perpetuating the cycle.

C'mon, do you really think the majority want to go to college to become teachers? To learn to be a mechanic to work their lives away at Joe's Garage?

These people were not drafted (yet). They weren't forced into service. They came to this decesion of their own free will, probably not thinking that they'd ever REALLY have to go kill other humans or more importantly (to them), maybe get killed themselves.

"I mean, the cold war is over, right? We defeated dem damn commie bastards, where, and who, is the threat now? Peace and prosperity has broken out across the land! Why not get the government to pay for my ed-u-ma-cation! 'Sides, I'll get to blow up stuff!"

They chose to blindly perpetuate this system. Why do I have to blindly support them in this decision, one I don't believe in.

I, for one, can not support these self-serving, unquestioning automatons. I can't support a mentality that encourages people to inscribe the bombs that will be sent to kill Iraqi women and children with Ramadan wishes, only to have military PR say it was an unfortunate, isolated incident.

Bullshit! The only thing "unfortunate" about it was that it was captured on film. We train these people to kill, pure and simple, without question, and don't fool yourself, it's not for you, it's not for me. It's to protect the interests of the wealthiest one percent in this country who REALLY run the show...and they don't give one damn about you! They don't even want your labor ask for to much.

I mean, fair, livable wages with health benefits, in a safe working invironment, with the chance to provide for your family and maybe, just maybe, a shot at a secure retirement? Please! Who do you think you are?

Indentured servitude in the Marianas and elsewhere is much more condusive to profits and that, if you'll excuse the pun, is the bottom line!

Do you really think your interests matter, that they make one bit of difference? Your interests are bought and paid for by corporations who "own" the "representatives".

Representative democracy my eye!

When our voluntary troops begin to truly protect the interests of the people and not the interests of GE and Raytheon, I'll support them.

Until then, they are willing pawns in a deadly and exploitive capitalist game that views them as expendable pieces in the imperialist puzzle.

But, while being handed what remains of their kid, and a really neat flag from another war-dog, whose job it is to inform families they just lost a loved one, Mom and Dad will NOT be told their kid died for GE and Raytheon.

"He died fer "Merica! You should be proud."

Maybe, if we didn't support them, they'd have second thoughts, about themselves and the system THEY are supporting. Maybe, it would focus our attention to the blood, on ALL of our hands, spilled for our blind reverance to freedoms we only think we have and ones that, while still barely breathing, have been bagged and are on life support.

That's the thing thing that realy gets me...we walk around thinking we're free when, in actuallity, we've done nothing more than buy into an illusion of freedom, as the leash we're tied to keeps getting shorter every day. Our freedoms are dwindling every day, and I'm supposed to support the troops who defend the government and corporations which are taking them away?

Maybe, if we taught our children differently, the next generation will finally be the one that practices true freedom and justice for all, and not just talks about it while wondering if they'll find a parking space close to the mall...while millions die around the world because of our "support" -- or lack thereof.

If, in the near future (as we probably will) we start seeing our young men and women forced, against their will, to be inducted into the military apperatus, to kill and die for "their" country, then I will support THESE troops with every fiber of my incouraging their dissent. This is the support they deserve.

But then again, these individuals could choose to make a completely different form of sacrifice...couldn't they? Can they spell Canada? Can they muster the courage to disobey orders, to dissert and then expose to the public the system for what it really is, as thousands did in the Viet Nam era?

Can WE find the courage to support them in THESE choices? Time will tell...while many here and abroad die.

The voluntary troops, as they are now constituted? YOU rattle YOUR "humanitarian" sabre and support them...I can't and won't!

I for one will NOT support people who blindly support a system which, from it's very insception, has proven to be as equally evil as the Stalinism (note: NOT Marxism/Trotskyism) and Facism it rightly, but oh so arrogantly and hypocritically denounces.

And by the way, while you're rattling your "humanitarian" sabre, do your part. Why don't you volunteer to throw the switch, the one which will kill a black retard on death row?

I mean, what's the difference between a damn murdering black man and a damn murdering Serb or a damn murdering Iraqi? Isn't this, after all, what "our" troops are "defending", when ya get right down it?

The American way of life...

...but WHOSE America?