Blame the Liberals for Columbine

by Bob Wilson

The Columbine High School tragedy is just over a week old. It still occupies almost half the time in media "on air" news reports. Sally, Opra and the rest of the talk shows have already (or have scheduled) programs devoted to this incident. Newspapers have used barrels of ink in headlines about the event. Every opportunistic liberal columnist (some beginning before bodies were cold) came out with their "anti-gun" mantra. One fuzzy-faced liberal centered his syndicated column on a demand for an outright repeal of the Second Amendment. Now there's an intellectually honest liberal! (That=92s a contradiction in terms.) To hell with all these laws intended to usurp the Constitution, let's just abolish part of it!

I think it would be interesting to know how much money liberals in the media have made exploiting this tragedy. How many products have been sold on the backs of this event? The Littleton area has been over run by ghoulish media people with microphones and cameras. Before the shooting ended, fabricated hysterical news reports told us of 25 dead. Some claimed the shooters were targeting minorities. The father of the black child killed was interviewed giving his opinion that his son was targeted "because of his color." This is hardly supported given that the other 12 victims were white, but that ought to "sell" well in some demographic areas. There were interviews with people in Littleton who, under the media spotlight, were compelled to fabricate stories of the shooters buying bomb-making supplies. To date the only person arrested there is a man who apparently falsely claimed to sell propane and nails to the killers. Movies and books are the next moneymakers sure to "document" this event.

Some of our most corrupt politicians were among the first to try to grab some press over this event. Before a single victim was buried, Bill Clinton was in front of cameras with his "Omnibus Crime Bill" designed to attack gun ownership. He, being the consummate politician, knows that striking fast, in the heat of confused emotions, is the easiest way to jam new "feel good" legislation through Congress. Though all of the measures he puts forth are no more likely to prevent a tragedy like this than were the nineteen gun laws which were broken in the attack, it makes it seem that he cares--and this illusion is all that matters.

In light of this frenzy, schools all over the nation are paralyzed from punks who think it=92s really neat to call in phony bomb threats. This can be attributed to the liberal (money hungry) ghoulish media over-hyping the events in Littleton. Nothing would please "Dateline" or "The CBS Evening News" producers more than a repeat, on an even grander scale of Littleton. This is advertising "bonanza" to them.

In reality, according to the American Federation of Teachers, violence has actually been dropping in schools over the past decade. In a report by Scripps Howard, disruptive kids are the biggest problem schools face. Janet Bass of the AFT says that "Horrible as it is, what happened at Columbine High School is highly unusual." What is a problem, is chronically disruptive kids in classrooms."

To put Columbine in perspective, the AFT notes that the percentage of students taking weapons to school has been dropping. According to recent surveys only 10 percent of public schools report serious or violent crimes to their local police, and 43 percent report no crimes at all. Students are more than twice as likely to encounter serious violent crime while out of school. Less than 1 percent of children murdered in a year are killed at school.

This is little comfort to those who lost family members in Littleton, but the reality is, liberals, as an excuse to excise the Second Amendment of the Constitution are using this incident as a battle cry. They are shamelessly and falsely trying to ramrod their agenda through by making the NRA and gun makers the scapegoats for unfortunate events that occur in our society. The truth is, had both of those kids who laughingly killed their classmates and then shot themselves had an upbringing that included the ideals and values taught by the NRA (instead of Hollywood "pop" culture endorsed by liberals) this event would have never taken place. Further irony is that fact that the very liberals who condemn the NRA have led the way in the degradation of our society into the valueless, deviant, and amoral swamp it is at present.

Bob Wilson is a pilot and businessman living in Arizona who writes regularly for the Spectacle.

Jonathan Wallace replies:

Its not that easy. In the past, it was very easy for the pro-gun types to regard violence as an urban problem and dismiss it. Incidents like Columbine take place in the heart of NRA-land where your Second Amendment values are strongest. I think you're looking for the mote in your neighbor's eye and ignoring the beam in your own.

I've never known you to be so self-deluded as you are when you argue there is no high school shooting problem (there was another incident two days ago in Georgia, the second since Columbine.) Your attitude is reminiscent of those t-shirts which say, "I don't have a drinking problem. I drink. I fall down. No problem."