The Ethical Spectacle, July 1995,



There are two books available on the law of cyberspace:

Lance Rose, Netlaw, (McGraw Hill 1995).

Edward Cavazos and Gavino Morin, Cyberspace and the Law,(MIT Press, 1994).

Bookstacks is a great place to order books online (I got these there).


The Phil Zimmerman pages, which appear to be put together by or on behalf of his attorneys, are unfortunately more hype than substance, and a singularly bad use of HTML.

There are two sets of Jake Baker pages, one maintained at the University of Michigan and the other at M.I.T.

A couple of petitions against the Communications Decency Act have come, garnered 100+k signatures, and gone. One was fielded by the Center for Democracy in Technology.

There are several electronic newsletters that track cyberlaw developments. Brock Meeks' Cyberwire is good, old fashioned, impassioned journalism (see his article this issue). Netwatchers, plain English legal coverage by attorney Mike Dyer, got off to a good start but doesn't seem to have been updated recently. Cyberlaw has summaries and analysis of legal developments.