Postnatal Abortion

by Fred M. Fariss

The greatest high crime of all is postnatal abortion. This kind of abortion occurs when the spirit of the essence of a person is killed off through denial in a failure to recognize the true essence of the person as a human being. It is a vicious operation where the essential innards to the intrinsic nature of every person of the individual are excised by the cruel disregard for those attributes that are so innate to the intrinsic nature of every person. Every human being who has arrived on this planet via the birth canal has experienced the horrible and tragic assault upon their humanity in the form of denial, discount, discredit of those characteristics that give credence to the person who we are by nature. To deprive a person of the attributions of his essence is to reduce him to an existence of the living dead who suffers from an imposed disease of being broken, crazy or sick.

What is so alarming about postnatal abortion is that it is accepted to be the normal, natural process, looked upon as a manifestation of true reality of the world we live in. Whole systems of philosophy have been developed to define, maintain and support the principles, dynamics and perpetuation of postnatal abortion. For children, and later on, adults, to suffer the consequences of postnatal abortion is of little concern to those who openly and blatantly believe and practice the principles of postnatal abortion. Sad as prenatal abortion is - the fetus only suffers a short time - and then the incident is over! But for the person who suffers from postnatal abortion, the suffering is for a lifetime of 40 - 80 years of existence.

All one needs to do, is to look at himself, or look around himself at others, and he can readily see the scars of the afflictions of postnatal abortion. One need not look to those who have been labeled "mentally ill," he needs to look to that vast majority of those who are labeled "normal" to discover that the application of postnatal abortion is epidemic. However, the experience of postnatal abortion is so commonplace with its devastating infliction, that only a few recognize its presence among us.

Everywhere among people is manifest the symptoms that are generated as a result of postnatal abortion. The symptoms which are commonly felt by human beings are worthlessness, lovelessness, weakness, helplessness, mindlessness and hopelessness. The killing of the human spirit results in a disconnection from one's essence and contact with those natural attributions that are so peculiar to our humanity. The philosophy of postnatal abortion is built upon an interpretation of moralization of a world view of explanation that is a denial of the natural process of what is because it is. The philosophy of postnatal abortion imposes upon the definition of the nature of human beings, a presupposition that humans are intrinsically broken, crazy or sick because of something they did collectively via a representative in the initial stage of development of the human race.

Is there something defective about the nature of a human being? Or is the defect functional as a result of the postnatal abortion? Because human beings have been exposed to the postnatal abortion, they are acting out the denial which they experience because they are disconnected from making contact with their essence and consequently with their own attributions of their essence. Are the attributions lying dormant, or being used in a way that maintains the denial? Is the essence of human beings immutable? Is the behavior of the symptoms of denial and the acting out of presuppositions that humans are broken, crazy or sick, a manifestation of the affliction of postnatal abortion? Is it not true that people do only what they know to do? Do parents in particular and the public at large, knowingly and consciously, participate in the actualization of postnatal abortion? The answer is a resounding - no. But the irony of it all is, that those who crusade against prenatal abortion and the death penalty, at the same time are participating in postnatal abortion because they know nothing else to do. Like begets like.

What are some of the practical ways that postnatal abortion is promoted? Everyone is born into a natural symbiosis (co-dependency) with their parents. In every instance, the natural symbiosis is cultivated into a neurotic symbiosis. This is accomplished by a disregard for the autonomy of the person and failure to teach him to be responsible and accountable to himself. Most people are ignorant as to their power to make a choice about choices. This is because they were never given the opportunity to choose independently for themselves. Cultivating a dependency upon other people to make choice is a way to foster co-dependency. The pivotal issue is around "authority." The person never learns to acknowledge and accept himself as the ultimate authority on anything. Children are taught that personal worth is based upon image and performance. From the beginning, everyone is into competition - for the purpose to cultivate personal worth. Independent thinking is the crowning glory of every human being because of the wonderful mechanism of intelligence we possess to do objective evaluation of information. Mindlessness and the consequent behavior of being a "true believer" are the fruit of the killing process of postnatal abortion. Just because a person is, an "honor student" does not necessarily mean that he is in charge of his intelligence to do independent thinking. Often being an "honor student" might mean that it is an indication of being a mental robot who gives the "right" answer that someone wants to hear. The philosophy of postnatal abortion kills the power, choice and pleasure of sexuality, by first, moralizing it. Secondly, by departmentalizing sexuality into being presented as a part of one's life, rather then an expression of life, equal to any other expression of one's life. In the philosophy of postnatal abortion, sexuality is channeled through the filters of image, gender roles, social roles and social institutions that rob sexuality of its generic components that are peculiar to the whole of the person. Furthermore, sexuality is paralyzed, from its spontaneous expression by its separation from one's autonomy and association with obligation, duty and morality which leads into a stance of alienation from the opposite sex. Because of the contamination of information about sexuality, through the principles of postnatal abortion, the person is led into a denial and alienation from their own body, as if, the body itself is evil and therefore should be suppressed.

Most of the social ills that humans are confronted with are a result of postnatal abortion. The consequence of this abortion was to inflict upon the human race a destructive conditioning that creates chaos, confusion, hopelessness and failure. Many grandiose schemes have been put forth to overcome the blight of postnatal abortion. None of them worked successfully because they fail to address the central issue. The central issue is the recognition of human essence and the resurrection of the human spirit.

(C)1999 Fred M. Fariss All Rights Reserved