Reply to -- Cutting Back the Fourth Amendment -- But Not For Gun Owners

By Bruce A. Clark (Written 4/10/96)

Personally, I'm opposed to most any of these "good-faith" exceptions. But I think you miss the point of why the exception for the BATF took place. The purpose was not to exempt gun owners from having firearms laws enforced on them. Rather, it is that the BATF has shown such a malignant disrespect for people's rights that many consider that the enforcement arm of the BATF is incapable of doing anything in good faith. While other policing organizations have certainly screwed up plenty, none seem to be so consistent and egregious about it, at least recently, as the BATF, ergo, no "good-faith" exceptions for them. I will have more to say on the subject of the BATF when replying to your article "Defending NRA Rhetoric".