Reply to -- Where are the Illegal Guns?

By Bruce A. Clark (Written 5/19/96)

Actually, this is not true. The NRA has historically had good relations with the BATF, and, except for the recent excesses of the enforcement arm of the BATF, it still does. The NRA realizes that the Bureau has a legitimate roll to play. As long as it sticks to its specialty and does not trample people's rights, the NRA can continue to live with the BATF. However, it does oppose what the "jack-booted thugs" have been doing in recent times and questions the need for yet another enforcement organization. How will you say you're sorry to the people who were killed or injured because they had no means of protecting themselves when attacked? Even if criminals don't then use illegally shortened long guns, and stick to knives, who but the most robust and well-trained martial artists could defend themselves against crooks armed with knives? Could an elderly person? Could a handicapped person? Could your average woman? Man? Could you? Possessing a gun for self defense tends to be an equalizer. It is no guarantee, but it gives you a better chance, especially with training and practice, than you would have without it. That's why between 2.1 and 2.5 million people annually use guns to ward off assaults of one kind or another. From the NRA Firearms Fact card - 1995: