Osha Gray Davidson, Under Fire: the NRA and the Battle for Gun Control, (New York: Henry Holt, 1993). This is a comprehensive journalistic expose of the origins, beliefs and behavior of the NRA.

Newt Gingrich, To Renew America, (New York: Harper Collins, 1995). Chapter 22 is an illogical patchwork of aphorisms on guns and the Second Amendment--Nicole Brown Simpson was killed with a knife, so why are we worried about guns?

Stephen Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed, (Oakland, Ca: The Independent Institute 1994). An extended gun rights brief, delving into American history and the Founders' intentions, but quite skewed (for example, in Halbrook's estimation, U.S. v. Miller, which upheld the first gun control law, actually stands for the proposition that the government can only regulate guns unsuitable for militia use.)

Wayne Lapierre, Guns, Crime and Freedom, (Washington: Regnery 1994). Preaching to those who already believe him--and doing nothing to reach out to other constituencies--NRA CEO Lapierre retails all of the NRA's usual chestnuts: the right to shoot government officials, the inappropriateness of banning semiautomatic weapons, etc.

Erik Larson, Lethal Passage (New York: Vintage 1994). Another journalistic expose, using a Virginia school murder as its springboard.

Robert J. Spitzer, The Politics of Gun Control (New Jersey: Chatham House 1995). A scholarly analysis of the legal and policy issues involved in the gun debate.


The NRA is online with scadsof legislative and political information, including statusof gun laws they are tracking in all 50 states.

The Second Amendment Foundation includes more gun rights information and resources.

Jeff Chan's Firearms Archive was called to my attention by a reader, who says,"Of special note is his Guide to Internet Firearms Resources, available for downloading or for following its many hot-links online."

The Gun Control Debating Page is the first example I found of a pro-control page on the Web; unfortunately, the author's tone is extremely strident, countering his strident critics but not lending clarity to the debate.

The Coalition for Gun Control is an Australia and New Zealand organization with resources concentrating on those two countries.

The Gunfree Site joins several U.S. gun control organizations, including the Violence Policy Center.