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98% From: Clive Pellings <cliffpellings@gmail

92% Watch your Step! Quite a few Planks are Rotten in the Republican Platform 90% Homeland: Behind the Buzzword 90% Bush's Port Deal 90% The U.S. Congress at Work: A Reminder 90% A Fiscal Conservative’s Interview with President George Bush 88% Homeland Insecurity 88% bt: Quantum Democrats < Politics 88% Letters to The Ethical Spectacle 86% Direct Deposit 86% Protect the Consitution 86% Huge (summary)
84% At 5:53a 84% LUNATIC 84% sy.html 84% The Elections 84% THE RATIONALE FOR THE IRAQ WAR: STABILITY OF THE REGION AND AMERICAN INTERESTS 84% albert.html 84% albert.html 84% IRAQ REDUX

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