Crime and Punishment

A series of links dealing with issues of crime and punishment and the victims of crime.
A Model Prison - 95.11 A discussion of the benefits of rehabilitating inmates, and the costs, both to prison workers and society, of not doing so. Atlantic presents an on-line discussion of the issues raised by this article in Robert Worth on Prisons in America.
CAVEAT Home Page A Canadian victim's rights organization.
Christina Jacqueline Johns Dr. Johns is a criminologist and freelance writer. She is the author of Power, Ideology and the War on Drugs: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure, State Crime, the Media and the Invasion of Panama, and The Origins of Violence in Mexico.
Criminal Crisis Response Initiative     (CCRI) A community-based, multi-disciplinary, inter-agency, assessment and planning process designed by JIJS.  This facilitated process assists communities in the design, development and implementation of a long-range plan for the establishment of a formal collaborative of their victims service providers. The intent of this collaborative is to coordinate the delivery of resources and services to victims of an act of criminal mass victimization (CMV) such as the Oklahoma City bombing and Littleton, CO high school shootings.
Justice For All A criminal justice reform and victims' rights organization in Texas. Useful discussions of issues marred by a confrontational attitude towards groups with different solutions to the problems they discuss.
The National Center for Victims of Crime The nation's leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims.
Uniform Crime Reports (US) Crime in the United States: crime reports from the Uniform crime reporting system.