Cyber Space

These sites deal with issues of interest to anyone affected by computers and the net. In other words, they deal with issues relevant to anyone likely to read this list.
Center for Democracy and Technology Information particularly relevant to the "internet indecency" issues that legislatures regularly attempt to address.
Electronic Frontier Foundation John Perry Barlow and Mitch Kapor founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation during the "hacker" scares of the early 1990s, to "civilize" the new frontier. Their web site carries bulletins on legal and political events affecting cyberspace, such as the Communications Decency Act and the Amateur Action BBS case. 
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility A slow moving web site with some good resources on line.
EPIC Electronic privacy Information Center. A good way to keep in touch with the data miners who want to know all about you... everything.
Computer Mediated Communications This magazine by John December provides thoughtful, philosophical coverage of Internet issues.
As We May Think Vannevar Bush's classic 1945 essay predicted today's computer technology.
Cyber-rights and Cyber-liberties A British compilation of international resources.
Peacefire A youth organization concerned with Internet freedom of expression. They have repeatedly clashed with Solid Oak software, makers of "cyber-sitter", the net "censor ware".
Politics and Technology This has replaces Declan McCullagh's internet censorship mailing list.
Ratings systems and blocking software Seth Finkelstein maintains this site at MIT.