Death Penalty

Links which treat capital punishment from a wide variety of perspectives.
Death Penalty Information Center The death penalty information center presents a large body of information from a generally abolitionist perspective.
Death Penalty Information Capital punishment information from the American Society of Criminology.
Centre for Religious Tolerance This web site refers to the child murders in Robin Hood Hills, West Memphis, Arkansas. This case raises substantial freedom of religion issues.
Free Mumia Abu Jamal This page focuses on the Philadelphia activist who is on Death Row after an extremely questionable trial for the murder of a policeman (his gun was never tested to determine if it had been fired, the bullet was originally described as being a different caliber than the gun, the police alleged an emergency room confession while a cop whose report stated that Jamal had made no statement in the emergency room left the city during the trial and did not testify). Mr. Abu-Jamal's detractors have countered with their own web site here