Guns and Gun Control

The ordinary citizen's guarantee against tyranny, or the sociopath's tool of choice?
NRA The NRA site contains  scads of legislative and political information, including status of gun laws they are tracking in all 50 states. (How about a return favor, gentlemen? A link back to the Spectacle?) 
The Second Amendment
Actually does include a link to the Spectacle--but only to this Links page. If you got here from the Second Amendment Foundation web site, please note the Ethical Spectacle includes articles in favour of  some gun control-- please browse the index pages for quick access to everything in the magazine on this topic.
The Case for Gun Control A well reasoned collection of essays. 
The Public Awareness Center Karl and other staff members at the public awareness center  have engaged in a strenuous email debate on every conceivable point about articles favouring gun control in the ethical spectacle.