The Holocaust

Alan Jacobs' Virtual Tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau (Click on "Virtual Tour" from the index page) A Virtual Tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau ...enabling one to scroll 360° around a photo, placing the viewer inside
scenes, in either QuickTime, or Flash, with "hot" maps and captions.
Anne Frank This is the official Anne Frank web site.  However, several years ago, a really great unofficial Anne Frank site was driven off the Web by copyright threats. If these are the folks who did it, they may be running this a bit too much as a business. 
Bookstore This book store claims to have rare and out-of-print Holocaust material. 
Brave New Web IDEA is a Webzine dedicated to studying genocide, autocracy and abuse of power. A collection of contemporary photographs of Auschwitz is available here as well. See their table of contents here.
Cybrary of the Holocaust Michael Declan Dunn's really detailed and beautiful site.
David's Holocaust Awareness Project A web page compiled by an 11 year old boy.
Holocaust Bibliography Paula Laurita's Holocaust Bibliography - With so many books being published about the Holocaust many librarians wonder where to begin in acquiring essential books. Offered here is a bibliography of pedagogical texts.
Holocaust site Recommended by Mark Mangan.
The Nizkor Project The web clearing house clearinghouse for all Holocaust information of Ken McVay, who nobly devotes his time to fighting Holocaust denial on the Net
Primo Levi Reader Ari Frankel notified me his Web pages includes an  interview with Primo Levy.
Sheldon Epstein A web page with information about a professor discharged from Northwestern University for teaching the holocaust to his engineering class. Course: The Holocaust Laying the Ground Work For the Final Solution
Teacher's Guide To The Holocaust An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies, and literature
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The Online Exhibitions, Personal Histories & Learning Center are just a few of the many resources located at this site. (There is also a project that is seeking survivors who were interviewed in 1946 by psychology professor David Boder - you can get the entire list of names here)