Law, Legislation and Related Source Materials

The materials in this list concern almost exclusively American legal topics. We invite interested readers from other countries to submit legal sites for your country.

United States Constitution Here is the document. Follow this link for the naval frigate USS Constitution
Thomas  The gem of all US Government and legal web sites, the Library of Congress site "Thomas" gives full text of all pending legislation and allows keyword searches. You can also send email to all Congress people (but don't expect them to answer!). 

The server is called "Thomas" after Thomas Jefferson, who endowed the Library of Congress. 

Congress  The US House of Representatives also has its own site with bill information, schedules, links to Congressional gopher sites, and information on contacting Congress people. 
White House This site is not very substantive, but contains links to some policy information. 
Fedworld  This site is a clearinghouse for other types of federal regulations, documentation and information. 
The Department of Justice The US Department of Justice is online with information including U.S. v. Microsoft documents. 
Cornell Law School Cornell Law School's server provides an invaluable gateway to legal information, including full text of recent Supreme Court decisions, also searchable by keyword. 
Law Guru This site provides links to many other legal resources. 
Legal Ethics This site presents issues and opinions about ethics, the law, and lawyers. 
Lysander Spooner A new web site devoted to the life and works of Lysander 
Spooner, the Nineteenth-century lawyer, constitutional scholar, 
abolitionist, entrepreneur, legal theorist and political radical.