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About the Authors

All of the kids who come in to work on this site are in high school and live in the Bronx or Brooklyn. A couple times a week they take the subway to the offices in downtown Manhattan where Jonathan Wallace and I work. For a few hours they draw, collect links and do the programming for the pages. We call this regular gathering the Webclub.

Above, the authors of the site are posing with Judge Watson, who they interviewed for the Reflections section.

On the left is Leon Walls, our resident artist. He specializes in drawing cartoon-like figures and is influenced by graffiti and urban art. He drew all of the graphics on this site, including the image on the top page. He also has drawn many of the pictures featured on The Ethical Spectacle.

Kneeling below Leon is Christopher Brown. Of all the kids, he came onto this project last; however, he has spent the most time on the MLK web site, consistently coming in two or three times a week and staying late. Somewhere buried within him he has a talent for writing.

To the right of the judge (his left side) is Michael Glenn. Like Leon, he is also an artist and has a real talent for drawing. Here's a picture of him being super cool.

The last in the line is Gavin Hayden. He some kind of a computer genius... born to hack. He looks kind of serious in this pose, but he's almost always got a smile and a ton of enthusiasm. Gavin handled all the real techie stuff associated with building this site. If you're looking to buy, sell, build, or design something computer related, you might want to drop him a note.

There were a few other guys that used to come in every now and then, but have since disappeared. Most notably there was Jeyking and Victorio. I have a feeling they'll show up again sometime.

Here's me, as represented by Leon Walls...

Mark Mangan