Violence to animals

by Dona Magrina


Have we have become blindly dependent upon violence and killing

through our support of it? Are we in a trance as we go about our

daily business without giving it a thought? What are our decisions

and dollars paying for?


?I don?t depend on violence and killing!? you might retort. O-h-h-h,

but . . . yes, you might and probably do. The sadness is the lack of

awareness of what we are supporting and consuming.


You do if you consume USDA industrial farmed meats from cows, pigs,

chickens, ducks. Extreme violence is imposed upon factory farmed

animals - all in the name of consumerism and profit. Not only do we

pay for animals to suffer through the extensive inhumane treatment of

them in industrialized factory farms, we pay someone to kill them,

thinking that that responsibility is not ours. It is our

responsibility because we support this violence by consumption and



Many people exclaim what an 'animal lover' they are. Yet they limit

that 'love? to precious few, i.e. parrots, dogs, cats, etc. A chicken

is no less sensitive to stress, agony, pain, care and regard as a

parrot, dog, or cat. In truth, many domestic farm animals exceed the

intelligence of companion pets, i.e. pigs. And those that may appear

[to some] to be less intelligent feel no less pain when inflicted

than the human animal.


There are simple solutions to those who feel they must eat tissue of

a dead animal: organic fed, free range raised farm animals. Many

small farmers have banded together in cooperatives to stay afloat and

offer dairy, eggs, and meat products from animals that are certified

organic fed, free range, living in an environment natural and healthy

to their species, free to range, socialize, take care of their young,



Antibiotics are not necessary with a free range farmed cow, pig,

chicken, because the animal is not stressed and diseased requiring

such chemicals - necessary in order to stay alive in the stressful,

confining and filthy conditions on industrialized farms. Also free

range, organic fed cows, chickens, etc. are not given synthetic

growth hormone nor feed mixed with the by-products of other animals -

unnatural to their species - assuring that the free range, organic

fed animal?s milk, cheese, eggs, meats are chemical and pesticide

free - with no chance of ?mad cow disease? being a threat.


If one wants to look at it from a strictly health of self and loved

ones point of view, consider this: synthetic growth hormones fed to

cows [in order to fatten them up quickly for slaughter] has been

linked to ovarian cancer and early menses in girls as young as 8

years old in the U.S.A. where chemicals are freely used without

having to inform the buying public. Also, antibiotics with animal by

products are in their daily feed, insuring they stay alive before

slaughter - why? They are living in crowded conditions, in a muck of

mud and their own excrement, stressed to the max - lung disease, skin

disease, etc. pervade. The antibiotics in the muscle tissue is

consumed by humans, creating a resistance to antibiotics when they

are most needed.


Of equal importance is our understanding of what we contribute to and

therefore promote - the continuation of a violent practice against

sentient creatures - animals that perceive and feel. We do not have

the right to abuse other life and in supporting it, through

consumption, we are part and parcel of that violence. Today's

industrialized farm, research, and entertainment animals are

experiencing their own holocaust, with the exact atrocities imposed

upon them.


Are we not an intelligent and compassionate species?



Dec. 2, 2006

Dona Magrina