In Reality to a Friend


In reality, in truth, someone who mistreats you; who is cruel,

unloving; someone who demeans your very person, your worth. Someone

who appears to fail to recognize your value, intelligence, and

feelings; or someone who attemtps to chip away at your self-esteem.

That person actually recognizes your value and is in fear of it,

rather than being comfortable with it; they feel inferior to it.

Because included in your value is an extremely loving person - a

discerning person. So, it follows that the person who has little to

no self esteem, will not know to nurture that esteem in others

through kindness. They do not know how to treat another as a treasure

of life, because they fail to recognize their own preciousness. They

do not recognize their own feelings of lack and deep woundedness -

after all, if they did, wouldn’t they want to never pass that on to

another - wouldn’t they want ‘the buck to stop with me?' As we,

individually, must ponder and act on?


It always rests on the individual to be and do what he/she wants and

expects from others. This is heady stuff and often difficult. Even

so, that certainly doesn’t mean not ‘making’ another uncomfortable.

If others are uncomfortable with my knowing we are all a treasure,

and the appropriate ethical, integrous and uplifting behavior is not

an option, but a requirement; that is OK - as long as I am fulfilling

that edict. What is important is that I walk that path extending it

to others. I may expect more than another is willing or capable of

giving. I don’t want to spend too much time with those people right

now. I feel time is short. While I am doing, I am learning. I expect

nothing less from everyone else. I do what I do best - presentation

via visual art [graphics, writing, painting, crafts] - because it

affords me the pleasure of combining all my gifts, i.e. discernment,

compassion, a passion for the best [which is actually included in

compassion], skill, intelligence, experience with the finest - and

conversely - experience with the worst life has to offer - and not

only did I survive that, those struggles of my past have proven to be

the foundation of my freedom from them, and I am learning to thrive

joyfully because of it.



December 5, 2006

Dona Magrina