So?We Promised You San Francisco Values!


H. Scott Prosterman


           For those scoring at home, please note that both Sen. Barbara

Boxer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been chastised by Republicans for

hurting their feelings.


           Boxer pointed out that neither she nor Sec. of St. Condeleeza

Rice has any children to sacrifice for the new surge in Bush Jr's vanity

war.For pointing out the obvious, Boxer was accused of mean-spiritedness

by the camp that wrongfully attacked the military service records of

disabled and distinguished veterans, who serve in Congress.


           For shepherding an agenda that seeks to restore the checks and

balances proscribed by The Constitution, and which were in place before they

were eviscerated by Bush Jr's legions, Pelosi is being attacked as "unfair"

and "disrespectful."


           We should not dignify these complaints with any response other

than, "So?"Republicans have played very dirty for the past 6 years, and

have come close to destroying our justice system.We have barely survived

their efforts to compress the three branches of government into one, and now

they complain that our girls are being mean.So?These guys dragged

"partisan" politics to new lows, laughed and taunted anyone who opposed

their draconian agenda, and won elections through lies, distortion and



           For the record, let's define and clarify the "San Francisco

values" that has "the minority party" in such a snit:




           San Francisco Values




-The Constitution must be honored and protected.




-Separation of church and state are good - the other way didn't work, so the

colonies revolted!




-Science is good - Global warming and other environmental issues must be





-Tolerance and diversity are good - exclusion and persecution based on

religion or lifestyle is bad.




-Education and medical care are a birthright of ALL American citizens - not

just the privileged.




-Commerce is good, but must be regulated to prevent more Enrons.




-Evolution probably happened - no one who remembers is still around.




-Religion is great for sustaining the spirit, but not as a political





-Religion is a matter of personal choice; not to be dictated by the





-Bush Jr. is a divider, not a "decider."




-A strong military is good; misuse of military resources is bad.




-War is bad - especially when its motivation is political vanity.




-"Love Thy Neighbor" - c'mon y'all don't laugh,"Religion is great . . .",







H. Scott Prosterman


Berkeley, CA


(510) 395-2856