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March 2009

Letters to the Ethical Spectacle

Spectacle Letters Column Guidelines. If you write to me about something you read in the Spectacle, I will assume the letter is for publication. If it is not, please tell me, and I will respect that. If you want the letter published, but without your name attached, I will do so. I will not include your email address unless you ask me to. This is in response to many of you who have expressed concern that spammers are finding your email address here. Flames are an exception. They will be published in full, with name and email address. I have actually had people follow up on a published flame by complaining that they thought they were insulting my ancestry privately. Nope, sorry.

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Thank you for this brilliant compilation, An Auschwitz Alphabet.

I am using it to research a family letter that has recently surfaced.

V. best wishes to you,


Mr. Wallace, i came upon your website when i was doing looking up facts for a research paper i am writing for my Junior english class. Your site was more than helpful and opened my eyes to the inhumane and disgusting realities about the Holocaust, mainly Auschwitz.

Thank you very much for your helpful facts and knowledge about this topic.

Thanks, Colby

Dear Mr. Wallace:

You came up on a Google search on a thought I've been having for the past month and you know film history.

Aren't there a couple of films -- ancient? recent? -- where the theme was the "black guy saving a bunch of helpless / hopeless whites" after they'd gotten themselves into a pickle, tried everything they could think of while totally ignoring and dissing him, and then throwing it all on him to "solve"?

The Obama ascendancy to the Presidency just feels like a theme I've heard before. Was it a part of Jim's role in Huck Finn?