April, 2008

Buy Me Growth?


Kim Rush        


      Diogenes would still walk through our cities, holding a lighted lamp in the daytime, searching for an enlightened human being.


     We lockstep march through the checkout line (chute) like cattle to the sledgehammer at the “real” human slaughterhouse while children suffer and die to give us a “good deal” on a product that we want.We unthinkingly follow the capitalistic ethnocentrism of “our way is right,” because it makes everything that we do, or don’t do, seem okay.We buy “fad” because we’ve been dumbed to follow what the commercials, thus then the cultural norms, and that which the government tells us “we are best when we buy” the not needed wants.But why?In truth, we are herd like consumers, living off of the lives of men, women, and little children working, dying, in slave, sweatshops so we can get a good deal.We foolishly run to the store for “good deals” so that our little paychecks can keep us in the everybody’s in the “middleclass” perceptual lie (middleclass, in a supposedly unstratified society?).We rush each day to our jobs only to pay our money to someone else.We are afraid of any other way of thinking, because our government, our media, our belief systems, our social egocentric norms tell us that any other way of thinking is wrong.We know through this frosted lens perception that consumerism is right!Keep buying after the towers fell so to keep consumerism stupidity growing strong to fight the bad guys?


    We receive stimuli cartoons between commercials that tell us to buy the frivolous “want” which is then built to the next step of adolescent youth radio that plays—between commercials, the low level formulaic, cliché music into our consumer ears—“Oh I gotta buy that song—Oh, they’re gonna be here in concert; gotta buy those two-hundred dollar tickets” and along with the multilayered, multifaceted bombardment to our brains, we must be consumers to buy what we want, or they want us to want, we plod dully on in a controlling money system that kills the human spirit.We then—unable to know truth, raise dumb consumer children and wonder what is wrong with them.We pay our bills and put in power fools who follow the profit only lie and we follow the norm to our true human death—oh, have you bought a casket and a plot yet?And as the herd marches to the human individual sledgehammer thump, “someone” makes money, laughs at you, (See the video of George Bush singing his contempt for you.)—rich on the “American Dream” while you pay for them to do it.  Money, money, money is the only driving force of our lives and we are tooooooooooo dumbed by our consumerism culture to understand even that.


           But, what’s the difference, for we are well fed—if we can buy a fast-food chain’s 5,000 cow part meal, and we wear the fad, and we send our children to the public schools to receive a low level education, and then to slaughter in a really stupid man’s war, as long as the economy grows all is well.All is well, if we buy.Oh no, did you see the spectacle news? The economy has stopped growing!Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Watch the news propaganda product for money and you will know; this—to not “grow” is a bad thing.


           But, only cancer grows continuously and cancer kills.If one looks at the cities on the surface of the earth, it is easy to see the constantly growing cities as skin cancer growths on the face of the earth on top of nature that gives us food to live. But “growth is the only right way” is what is always preached to the “herd” of consumerism.This has been shoved into our earthly minds since vicious capitalism became the controller of humanity.The economy must continue to grow or you, the citizen, will suffer.Industry must continue to grow or you the citizen will suffer—whether it is a product of industry, or service industry, or phantom industry—it must grow for you to live.The military must grow to keep you safe.Government power and control must grow to protect you.Oil production must grow.Electricity production must grow.The world population—by natural means—must grow.The human intellect, however, must NOT grow to allow all of the above to grow.


           It is time that humanity grows beyond the subordinate consumer and understands that the fallacy of “we must grow to survive” is the damnation of our species.To see a good example of how the destructive concept “must grow” destroys, examine the great head statues on Easter Island.The statues, like ‘we must grow” grew larger and became the only focus of the island inhabitants.The statues grew larger, but because of this growth the community grew smaller; consumed by the larger.The later statues grew larger, but more rougher in their finish while the community starved because of the eating of resources to grow the heads bigger and eventually the people died. The drive to grow bigger grew into the death of the island community.These great statues still stand and can be seen from many miles away, but the people’s ancestors can never be seen. In our modern--“smarter” world, would it be wiser to concentrate on the human aspect of community or the consumer, vicious capitalism’s need to constantly grow to humanity’s death?


           When all of the little peons are caught in the pay to survive and to promote the CEO’s—statue head’s growth, then what is the value to humanity itself?The little girl who suffers in the sweatshop slavery of the “third world”—would it be third world to you if it was your child dying in work for profit—will make profit for the shareholders and the CEO Head, but what does the slave, sweatshop girl look like?The earth, island, “community” suffers under guard, under capitalistic demands, under the need for food that must be paid for from the slave work.It is time that the consumer takes responsibility for the death of children and rejects the “good price” for a fad.But the “consumer” caught in the propaganda of the norm of capitalism doesn’t even know how to think beyond the consumer norm and continues to walk the checkout cattle slaughter chute to pay for a good deal.


           I propose that all business in the United States be Nationalized. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Wow!I’ve yelled now—my lighted lamp--for some time so to shock the consumer citizen into understanding their slavery to the corporate, governmental, social norm powers and to “see” reality, but my small voice is like a man screaming in the Grand Canyon, I can not be heard.So, I shock you with this proposition to nationalize all corporations.But isn’t taking away the CEO’s Head Statue the only way of shaking the followers?If the “god” is shaken, then the followers must shake too.


           But, but, but to nationalize all companies would only give more power to the corporate controlled government, for it would continue to be concerned with only making “profit” for the company now called government.(Hungh? Maybe that’s the way it is now?)The nationalized companies then must be run by the little girl who has sweated, bled, grown too quickly old at the workshop, so as to offer a real “third world” understanding of “profit.”If so, then, you the worker would be understood, recognized, and paid decently to offer the “community” a way to survive on this island of community.


           I hear, you the coslave consumer laughing.  “That can’t be. Where would I get the good deals I get from the huge corporate entitles I give my money to now?

    New CEO working slave: “Does the cost equal the damned life of a little child?”


           “Well, no, but I gotta pay bills, and the best price is the best for me.”


           New CEO working slave: “So a child is to suffer and die so you can pay your bills?”


           “Well, we all gotta survive.”


           New CEO working slave: “Then can you pay a bit more for the life of a young child?”


           “Well, we all gotta survive.”


           New CEO working slave: “Can we then change the system—the idea of growth and profit only so that children don’t have to work themselves to death for you to get a good deal?”


           “Well … I don’t know how to think . . . . about that?”


           New CEO working slave: “Put yourself in the sweatshop, slave labor job and see if you want that for yourself or your child.”


           “No, but I gotta buy stuff . . . and . . .?”


           The “golden parachutes” fall from the ship of constant growth to the sandy beach on the Earth Island and the little peons run from the falling gods of profit.The profit gods fall to the earth and gather the little people to tell them: “You must grow and build bigger profit, economy statures of the capitalism god heads.”The herd, of course, follows and walks through the checkout chute of buy more growth.Thump goes the sledgehammer on human life value, but profit is made.