Man, Dinesh D'Souza Is A Moron

Two posts in one day. All 10 regular readers of this blog should be thrilled.

To get the full "story", head over to Daily Kos. (Not there's a recommendation you don't see from me every day!). D'Souza is, to put it very simply, a drooling moron. There's no other word for it.

Firstly, I've already written an essay on how atheists deal with tragedy, so go read that. Secondly, in regard to D'Souza's stunningly imbecilic comment that:

Atheism seems to have nothing to say to people when there is serious bereavement or tragedy.

I reply only: Even if this were true (and it isn't), saying nothing to them is better than lying to them -- which is what the religious do.

If there were a hell, Mr. D'Souza, I would sincerely wish for you to die and go there.

Upon reflection, I've got a few requests of Mr. D'Souza, and any other religious types. I'd like them to answer some questions.

a)Do you believe all of the 32 victims had accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior? Please remember that lying is a sin. Now, given that the odds of 32 young adults at a college ALL being born-again Christians are pretty damn slim, would you be willing to confront the parents of those victims and say "According to the tenets of Christianity, your dead child is burning in hell alongside Cho and will for all of eternity, forever, without hope of reprieve."? Because that is what your faith teaches, and that is the "comfort" you have to offer them.

b)"Religion" offers multiple, conflicting, answers to the "meaning" of a tragedy. Are the victims in hell? In heaven? Reincarnating to their next life? Different religious speakers will offer all of these options, and others. How do you propose to pick the "right" one? How do you tell a Christian parent "Your son is with Jesus now" and a Hindu parent "Your daughter is in her next life now", and expect both of them to accept these wildly contradictory premises as true? Obviously, one (or both, IMO) are false. How can one derive "comfort" when the "comforters" are clearly just making shit up?

We don't have too many Believers here -- I think I scare them off -- but if anyone would like to take up this challenge, I'd love to hear it. And if any of the more politically connected members of this list can get these questions -- especially the first one -- to Mr. D'Souza, I'd appreciate it.