September 2012

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 Do not steal;
Neither do allow
To steal
From you—
From other people

A Fundamental Question to the Protest Movement

Can these Possibly Be our 3 Demands?

by Carmine Gorga*

  1. Give us our money back: Large corporations that are hoarding cash give us stockholders and bondholders our money back.

  1. Give us our money back: Federal Reserve System stop lending our money to financial corporations and lend it to us entrepreneurs, business people, and inventors.

  1. Give us our money back: Treasury Department and Federal Reserve System recover the money you gave to large corporations and give it back to us taxpayers.

Three brief notes on politics

First: These three demands have to be read in the historical context of the 2011 Iceland revolution carried out by Horður Torfason.

Second: These three demands will be carried into action only if The Center of the political spectrum will take hold of them: The Protest Movement has to become a Coalition of the Center!

Third: All too briefly, these three demands will be carried into action only if—in a coordinated or uncoordinated fashion—the People’s Congress will join forces with organizations run by Independents and the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party and the Greens and the majority of the Democrats and some Republicans, whose members will have to be approached, not as representatives of specific political parties, but, more fundamentally, as human beings and citizens of our nation.

I owe the last specification to the clear-mindedness of Gina McGill, who also provided inspiration for the formulation of these three demands.

* Carmine Gorga blogs at and

August, 2012