Vol. XIII, No.10, Octobe 2007

Why I Hate Prosecutors

by Jonathan Wallace

The remarkable thing about the punishment of Mike Nifong is that he was only doing what prosecutors do every day.

Pop Goes The...?
by Kim Rush

The herd mentality leads us to slaughter.

"The First to Go" by Nabil Shahan
A Review by Jez Strickley

A haunting piece of theatre spotlights the Disabled Holocaust.

The Difficult Question of Islam in the West
by Bruce Clark

We need a much better understanding of Islam and the Koran.

A Response to General Petraeus' Report
By Jamie Esquire

If success in Iraq was a matter of military courage, we'd have won the war a long time ago.

More Hubris
by Thomas Vincent

"Advisers" who kick doors in to deliver their advice.

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

For shame.


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