President Clinton and Violence

by Bob Wilson

President Clinton, in true Liberal fashion, this week offered to commute the 68 year sentence given by a court of law to 13 members of the notorious left wing Puerto Rican terrorist group F.A.L.N. The comforting condition he specified is that they must agree to renounce violence in the future. Clinton made this incredible announcement only one day after declaring that the shooting of children at a day care center by a mouth-foaming lunatic in California "underscores the need" for Americans to submit to more gun control.

The people he is releasing are linked to, and/or convicted of the murder of six people and over a dozen terrorist bombings, including that of a police station. They were proven to have conspired to bomb 48 buildings in Chicago. Faced with an effective life sentence in a jail, what are the chances that these killers will turn down that offer? What are the odds that someone with ties to F.A.L.N. is a big contributor to the D.N.C.? How many Puerto Rican bloc votes (for Hillary) might be delivered by symbolic move like this?

Considering the fact that Clinton claims over 350,000 people have been identified as a result of the Brady Bill as criminally attempting to acquire a gun, and less than a dozen of these people have been charged with the crime, what does this say about his commitment to "reducing violent crimes" in America?

In truth, it is evident that left wing Liberals like Clinton, intent on disarming law-abiding Americans, do not want actual enforcement of "gun-control" legislation to have any effect on criminal gun use. If just a select few of the thousands of gun laws in this country were strictly enforced and those real criminals who flagrantly violate them were swiftly and soundly punished, some of these maniacs who think shooting up a school is a keen way to get their picture in the paper might actually be prevented from doing their thing. The NRA enthusiastically supports strong punitive consequences for committing crimes with a firearm, but defends the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms for self defense and sport. Clintonistas and other left wing zealots only want the right of ownership rescinded.

It is evident that the strategy of the left is to not enforce laws supposedly drafted to inhibit gun crime. The strategy is to incrementally destroy the Second Amendment with "laws" which don't address the problem, then, as these crimes persist, declare that nothing short of a total ban on firearms in the hands of private citizens will work. The ban will either criminalize previously law abiding gun owners, or disarm them, leaving them vulnerable to crime and encouraging government tyranny (one of the prime reasons for the amendment.) So far, the plan seems to be on track.

Bob Wilson is a businessman and pilot in Arizona. He writes regularly for The Ethical Spectacle.