I ordered many of these from, a great bookstore accessible via Telnet.

Easton, Susan, The Problem of Pornography, (Rutledge 1994). This British law professor, a Mackinnon supporter, struggles to find a persuasive justification for the regulation of pornography.

DeGrazia, Edward, Girls Lean Back Everywhere (Vintage, 1992) is an anecdotal history of the prosecution of literary works for obscenity, by an attorney who was involved in many famous cases.

Greenawalt, Kent, Fighting Words, (Princeton 1995). An overview by a NYU professor of First Amendment law pertaining to obscenity, hate speech, fighting words and flag burning.

MacKinnon, Catharine, Only Words, (Harvard 1993). A concise, powerful attack on pornography as the embodiment of violence against women.

McElroy, Wendy, XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography, (St. Martin's Press, 1995). McElroy presents both the civil libertarian argument and the thesis that pornography is good.

Mill, J.S., On Liberty, (Bantam 1993). Mill's thesis is that the government should not intervene in any action or speech by which we only harm ourselves, not others.

Sontag, Susan, The Pornographic Imagination, in Styles Of Radical Will, (Anchor, 1991). Sontag persuasively argues that pornography is morbid and obsessed with death, yet is a valid form of literature which should not be cesnored.

Stan, Adele, editor, Debating Sexual Correctness, (Delta, 1995). This anthology contains a number of pro- and anti-pornography essays.

Strossen, Nadine, Defending Pornography, (Scribner, 1995). The ACLU perspective on why pornography must be defended to preserve free speech rights.

Wagman, Robert, The First Amendment Book, (Pharos, 1991). A journalistic overview of First Amendment law, filled with quotes and anecdotes.


Note: Senator Exon said in the Senate debate that merely maintaining links to indecent material would itself be a crime under the CDA.

The Mary's Place page, referred to in the Conclusion, combines explicit photos with sex advice and health information, presenting a classic First Amendment-protected site.

Freedom of Expression: Censor Bait is a page of links to material that would be threatened by the CDA.

The ACLU has a gopher site and promises to have a Web site soon.

The Christian Coalition page contains their Contract With the American Family, which targets pornography as an evil influence.

Breaking the Cycle is a support group for people addicted to porn.

Censorship of Pornography in Cyberspace is a great overview, with links to many other resources.