A commentary by Patricia Nell Warren


With a month to go, major media are giving less space to the Presidential election. Despite early fanfares from both candidates about the "moral future of America," public interest is fading too. Bob and Jack and Bill and Al are having to share major air time with Ellen, Boris and O.J. -- to say nothing of bombings, the Olympics, Mideast war, and a 7-year-old suspended from school for kissing another tot on the cheek.

How seriously can one take a campaign where the Secret Service lets Bob take an unseemly tumble off the platform in view of the cameras?

Why does the White House contest have vanishing credibility in these desperate times? Were there conspiracies to downplay in the no-smoking conference rooms of media moguls? Or are many Americans finally reaching the nadir of disgust with politicians? Is there a feeling out there that positive change will not come from the Oval Office, no matter who sits there?


Come to think of it, maybe that's why the media have shifted focus. Even last night's high-profile debate was just the same-old, same-old from both Bob and Bill. Urgent problems are out there, grabbing headlines away from political charades that breed more and more rage, contempt and apathy in our citizens. The handwriting is on the wall, big as the HOLLYWOOD sign. But are Bob and Bill -- and their handlers -- ready to read it?

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