President Clinton Should Not Resign!

By Bob Wilson

I respectfully differ with your lead essay in your February, 98 posting. I believe that the President should hang in there. He stands as a marvelous example of Liberal agendized politics. To promote a Liberal political agenda, politicians must fool the people. (Liberals must do this because they believe that the masses are too dumb to know that what is in the own best interests.) He and the Co-President (Hillary) have a long history of deceitfulness, evasion from the truth, and lack of moral turpitude. His absurd denial of intern(al) affairs in the face of overwhelming evidence, together with the obvious and blatant obstruction of efforts to secure evidence (entry logs, etc,) are but typical examples of how the Mr. Clinton conducts "business as usual" in the White House. The only reason this particular (relatively minor) scandal is getting such mainstream Liberal media press play is that a sex scandal sells more tabloids than similar "doings" involving illegal procuring of files, bribes, crooked finances, or pandering social policy.

I find it curious that "ethical purists" such as you, Mr. Wallace, would call for Clinton’s resignation in the face of this latest "scandal" when you failed to do so in light of all of the others. It seems telling that you do so admittedly only to insure the establishment of a Gore presidency in the hopes of continuing a Liberal agenda. I look forward to three more Clinton years so as to rub their pathetic existence into the memory of the people who voted for them. Watching the headline feminists, media and Hollywood elitists squirm as they attempt to rationalize this Liberal "act" they so vigorously supported gives me great satisfaction. I also enjoy watching as they jump ship as you do in your essay.

At least you are honest with respect to your admission that you think he should go because you believe his remaining in office hurts the chances of a Liberal successor. I am not so sure it will however, given the successful overall dumbing down effect Liberal policies have on the public. I particularly enjoyed the part of your essay which literally demonizes the Republicans and Kenneth Starr. Your equating them to the devil, as in "Never bet the devil your head" is a good example of this very typically Liberal tactic. Exposing an immoral, lying, cheating, criminal is "doing the devil’s work" if the person exposed is a Liberal. Is that right Jonathan?

Jonathan Wallace replies: Sheesh, just when I thought I was saying something Bob could agree with.

Bob Wilson is a businessman and pilot living in Arizona, who contributes regularly to The Ethical Spectacle.