President Clinton's Outrageous Behavior

By Bob Wilson

Hollywood (euphemism for the news-entertainment industry) is responsible to a great extent, for desensitizing America by virtue of the evolution of films, which have taken violence, sex, and outrageous behavior to new and ever expanding boundaries of excess. Deviancy and promiscuity is normalized, and has become routine in its' depiction. To (apparently) the majority of Americans, Clinton's behavior is not so shocking when taken in context with what now passes for entertainment. Clinton does not disguise his close association with the Hollywood elite who primes this country with left wing propaganda at every opportunity. Hollywood is anti-military, pro-Communist, and (by definition) decidedly anti-capitalist. This association gives the Clintons free and powerful public relations and media management advice from these people who literally define American culture trends. Millionaire Hollywood moguls and super stars like George Lucas, and Alec Baldwin initiated his legal defense fund. When he vacations in Colorado, Florida, or California, he is typically hosted at palatial estates owned by the most powerful Hollywood types. This association is to a large extent, responsible for his public relations popularity success.

Our current president's popularity indicates that Americans are totally desensitized to outrageous behavior. Clinton, reported to have 60+percent favorable ratings in opinion polls, is an impeached rapist with a proven, decades long history of being a sexual predator. Acknowledged associations with Communists splotch his life and political history from early, pre-political era trips to Moscow as a Vietnam War era draft protester and drug user to the present. He sought, accepted, and used re-election cash from Communist China in exchange for sitting on (covering up) nuclear espionage. He transferred the oversight of sensitive military technology from the Department of Defense, to the Commerce Department. He appointed a (now dead) Commerce Department head known to have accepted bribes. He then personally granted export waivers for missile and satellite guidance technology, rejecting the protests and pleas of the Pentagon. This act gave the Communist Chinese the technology to develop missiles capable of reaching the U.S. and warheads small enough for MRVs. Clinton personally cut decades off the development time the Chinese would have required to advance to their current capabilities. He has had a number of close associates not only disgraced by scandal and corruption, but also actually jailed for criminal acts. His wife has actively participated in cover ups and illegal acts such as file-gate, White Watergate, and his sexual crimes. As a pay-off for her loyalty, she is being considering for a vacant, shoe-in Democrat Senate seat in New York, where she is not, nor ever has been a resident.

In order to reconcile why so many Americans seem unconcerned with the issues surrounding the Clintons; I question whether they are ignorant or just plain bad. "Bad" is a simple term, and if you think about it, is not truly relative. Bad is not usually correctable. Bad food can't be made good. Bad behavior can't be undone. Bad taste is usually so ingrained, it remains a character trait forever. Ignorance is a more complex issue. Ignorance, not a result of inability or inherited conditions limiting intelligence, (this condition is "stupidity" and not readily correctable) can be corrected. An Ignorant person can still be "good." You can teach an ignorant person not to "ignore" facts...or, at least there is hope. A bad person is typically a hopeless case. Bad people are aware of who the Clintons are, and yet approve. Ignorant people are fooled into thinking the Clintons are something they are not. They really don't understand what is happening. Let's hope that most Americans who "ignore" Clinton's behavior are just ignorant, and not, like the Clintons--just plain bad.

Bob Wilson is an Arizona businessman who writes regularly for the Spectacle.