...in this war morality, national solidarity, patriotism and the ideals of freedom, justice and human dignity had all slid off man like a rotten rag. We said that there is no crime that a man will not commit in order to save himself. And, having saved himself, he will commit crimes for increasingly trivial reasons; he will commit them first out of duty, then from habit, and finally--for pleasure.

Borowski, p. 168.

Tadeusz Borowski killed himself in 1951, at age 29, after having become an agent of the Communist government and author of hate literature.

It can happen, and it can happen everywhere. I do not intend to nor can I say that it will happen...it is not very probable that all the factors that unleashed the Nazi madness will again occur simultaneously but precursory signs loom before us...It only awaits its new buffoon (there is no dearth of candidates) to organize it, legalize it, declare it necessary and mandatory, and so contaminate the world.

Levi, Drowned, pp. 199-200.

Primo Levi died in 1987, age 68, in a fall down the stairs of his Turin apartment house. This is thought but not known to have been suicide.