Parasitic infestation in progress

By Bob Wilson

It seems to me that corrupt elements of our government have declared war on the largest entities in industry. Whenever there is a pattern of attack by the government on a large class of business giants including the likes of Microsoft, Intel, and Motorola, you can bet that there is an underlying strategy which is not divulged to the public. This governmental "scorched earth" policy has taken the form of casting these industrial giants as defendants in billion dollar shake downs, primarily, it seems, because they are large and successful targets to plunder. Much like the big tobacco shakedown, the government's motivation in going after these large companies seems to be to extract money to the point of bleeding them into some kind of submission. Like a parasite, our government does not want to kill the host, only drain it.

One wonders, that if the economy was not in a boom cycle at present, and if these largest employers and contributors to the economic engine that is our life blood were at the edge of collapse, would the government be pursuing them as they are, seemingly to tap into their resources in excess of the taxes already extracted? Is not the government, with its unlimited capacity to sue, and legislate a company into capitulation or ruin, simply going after private capital reserves in an effort to feed it's insatiable appetite for consuming wealth in the false promise of "redistribution?"

Do you trust our justice department, currently composed of leadership dredged up by politicians like the Clintons? These people, avowed anti-capitalist sixty's liberals, have cut their hair, put away their love beads, and now portend to attack the evil corporations which (in their misguided opinion) corrupt America with profit oriented consumerism. Thanks in part to our government education system, there are enough "dumbed down" Americans, ignorant of capitalism who believe that big government is preferential to big corporations. Liberal politicians and lawyers (many are both) can rally a lot of support in their pursuit of the booty of business. Let's hope that they are at least smart enough to recognize that, like a parasite, if they kill their host, they also kill themselves.