The Ethical Spectacle, September, 1995,

Mike Tyson is A Rapist, Not a Hero

I don't think that Mike Tyson should be allowed to fight- Tanya Harding wasn't allowed to compete, Pete Rose wasn't allowed to manage baseball and wasn't allowed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Vanessa Williams' crown was taken away - to name just a few. Yet Mike Tyson goes to jail for four years after being convicted of rape and is allowed to fight. Why? What are we teaching the children of today? That they can rape and still be allowed to make X millions of dollars afterward and have the media sympathize with them? Poor Mike. "Mike is back and he's angry." - Angry? About what?? About getting thrown in jail for a crime he is responsible for? It seems it has all been forgotten.

I was discussing the upcoming fight with an aquaintance and he asked if I was going to watch the fight - when I told him No, he said, "Oh, I guess you don't like Tyson anymore because of the incident."

Incident? Incident.

incident, n. 1.happening 2.side event.

rape, n. forceable violation of a woman.

It doesn't sound like a "side event" now, does it?

I guess I am just wondering why he is allowed to be a "hero" and role model after being convicted of this crime.

Think about it, a man (or woman) goes to jail for theft for a few years. When released and on the outside they are lucky if they can find a place that will hire them at less than minimum wage. Yet Mikey steps up to fame and fortune like nothing has happened, like he's back from a four year vacation and now he's raring to go.

My husband mentioned to me that it was partly Don King's fault. That King took Tyson away from everyone that could keep him in line and give him the guidance that he needed. Fine. How old is Tyson? 29? Gee, that's how old I am this year.

Four years ago I knew what I was responsible for. He didn't? Sorry dude, but I feel if he was old enough to make the kind of money he was making then he was old enough to be responsible for his actions. He's a big boy, not a baby. Yeah, I know - tough breaks, and yes, I'll bet Don King wasn't the "father figure" Tyson needed, but the bottom line is he did it, he was convicted, and now he's back in the ring again.

I find this very sad and a blow to all women that have survived (and not survived) a rape. This sends us a message that says "he" will go on after a little more than a slap on the wrist and the world will cheer, while we spend the rest of our lives living what most people take for granted as an everyday life.