The Censorware Page

Updated June 24, 1998

Please see The Censorware Project site for detailed reports on the errors and excesses of leading censorware products.
Latest coverage

David Burt Backgrounder--Excerpts from public postings by the censorware advocate profiled in The Mind of a Censor

The Ethical Spectacle Joins ACLU Censorware Suit

From Ada to Yoyo: Blacklisted by CyberPatrol, by the Censorware Project

There Goes the Neighborhood: CyberPatrol Blocks West Hollywood

CyberPatrol: the Friendly Censor

David Burt: The Mind of a Censor

The X-Stop Files:
Self-proclaimed library-friendly product blocks Quakers, free speech and gay sites

The X-Stop Files: The Truth Isn't Out There, by Seth Finkelstein

We Mirrored the Peacefire Pages, With Some Thoughts Of Our Own, and Then...

Cybersitter Blocked The Ethical Spectacle!

My Latest Letter to Brian Milburn

Cyberpatrol Briefly Blocked Us Too

Why Libraries Shouldn't Buy Censorware

Other sites well worth checking out on censorware: Bennett Haselton's Peacefire pages; Seth Finkelstein's Information About Labeling and Rating Systems; Bob Chatelle's page devoted to the Boston Public Library's installation of CyberPatrol; David Smith's Who Watches the Watchmen?, on the CyberPatrol installation in the Austin Public Library; Filtering and Censorware in Libraries; The Internet Filter Assessment Project. For an opposing point of view, by a librarian who favors censorware in libraries, check out David Burt's Filtering Facts page.

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