The Censorware Project

Blacklisted by Cyber Patrol

From Ada to Yoyo

A report from The Censorware Project


It was startling to realize that, using our limited and slow search techniques, we were able to find over fifty machines at internet service providers which are blocked outright. Often, separate users' accounts are hosted on the same machine. Instead of blocking one user's directory, the software, in these cases, has the potential to block much, much more.

As with the sites in the Introduction, we have spent hours looking for any sexually explicit material these server machines might have, asking search engines to scan the sites, and checking the sites themselves by hand. None of these listed contained much if any material that would qualify in either the FullNude or the SexActs categories.

Update: was formerly on this list without comment, but we were informed that it hosted adult sites as of May 1997. It doesn't appear to anymore, but pending further information it's been removed from our list. 12/23/97

Update: and, also formerly on this list without comment, were also removed, and should not have been listed in the first place. As we had predicted, most of the rest of these sites were unblocked. Some, surprisingly, were not. Our aftermath analysis goes into detail. 12/25/97

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