Sex, Laws and Cyberspace

by Jonathan Wallace and Mark Mangan

Table of Contents


I. Memphis Rules
Two sysops running a porno BBS in California are sent to jail in Tennessee for offending the Bible belt standards.

II. The Government's Keys
To keep an eye on drug smugglers and child pornographers, the FBI, NSA, and Justice Department insist they need master keys to all our electronic communications...just to be on the safe side.

III. A Stalker in Cyberspace
A college student posts horrific rape and snuff stories to the Net. The FBI finds them so horrific that he is thrown in jail.

IV. The Unruly Bookstore
Prodigy promotes itself as a family oriented online the court finds it liable for whatever is posted to its system.

V. Inquisition on the Net
The Church of Scientology has its own censorship by a well funded team of lawyers.

VI. The Barnum of Cyberporn
Marty Rimm's farcical cyberporn study made the Internet out to be a giant smut also made it to the cover of Time and the floor of the Senate.

VII. Bomb Speech
Bomb recipes exist in encyclopedias, books, and government publications...on the Net, Senators say, they must be banned.

VIII. The New Comstock
Nevermind the First Amendment, Exon has seen the smut and he is determined to enforce "decency"...with jail sentences.

IX. A Compass for Cyberspace
Exon and his impassioned call to save our children and ourselves against "indecent" speech is nothing new. Kings and priests and politicians have attacked each new medium as an instrument of the devil...from the printing press on up.

The CDA Pages
The Ethical Spectacle closely covered the CDA--the issues, the debates, and the hearings in both federal and the Supreme Court.

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